Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Restaurants crippled by COVID seek extension to repayment of CEBA loan

Facing inflation, labour shortages and a pandemic hangover, restaurants are struggling to repay the CEBA loan

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The Canada Emergency Business Account was a life-preserver for many restaurants and bars during the pandemic, as many were effectively shut down or forced to pivot their business model on the fly.

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Covid shrunk the restaurant industry. That’s not changing anytime soon

New York

It’s never been easy to operate a restaurant, and in recent years it’s been even harder.

In 2020, Covid restrictions ground the nation’s bustling restaurant industry to a halt. Since then, there have been significant signs of a rebound: Dining rooms have reopened and customers have returned to cafes, fine-dining establishments and fast food joints.

But there are fewer US restaurants today than in 2019. It’s not clear when —if ever — they’re coming back.

Last year, there were about 631,000 restaurants in the United States, according to data from Technomic, a restaurant research firm. That’s

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Study Links Decline to COVID Pandemic-Fueled Discrimination

Chinese Food Takeout Fortune Cookie

The research revealed that anti-China sentiment fueled consumer discrimination, resulting in a staggering loss of $7.4 billion in revenue for Asian restaurants in 2020.

A recent study has uncovered a strong correlation between a nearly 20% decrease in business at Chinese restaurants and political rhetoric that placed blame on China for the Covid-19 pandemic.

A recent study conducted by researchers from Boston College, the University of Michigan, and Microsoft Research, has shed light on the impact of anti-China sentiments on Asian restaurants. The study found that at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-China fervor fueled consumer discrimination, leading to

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Restaurant Customers Yelled at Exhausted Staff Over COVID Mask Rules

  • Restaurant staff are continuing to struggle with the labor shortage and pandemic working conditions.
  • “Every cook I know is overworked,” Brandon Medina, a line cook, told The Seattle Times.
  • A worker at a different restaurant suffered stress-induced eczema and decide to quit. 

A severe labor shortage, combined with the impact of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, has left restaurant workers struggling to cope. 

The Seattle Times reported that many workers in the city’s eateries are exhausted. They’re taking on extra work to counteract staff shortages, but also have nobody to cover shifts when they want to take

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A Houston restaurant owner says he was brainwashed into not trusting the vaccine. Then he got COVID.

Andres Perekalski planned to defer the COVID-19 vaccine for a year.

The 43-year-old restaurant owner said he didn’t know what to believe about the coronavirus or the vaccines. He admits he didn’t talk with a doctor about his concerns and instead relied on information from his social-media feeds.

While Perekalski is unvaccinated, his wife decided to take the shots when they returned from a trip to Florida earlier this summer. She told him she trusted the science behind the vaccine.

At that point, he said he would rather wait.

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Asian Families Say Fear Of Going Out The Cause Of Covid Food Shortages, Census Reports


The U.S. Census Bureau said Asian households reported not having enough food to eat due to fears of leaving their house during the coronavirus pandemic, which the agency surmised could be due to a number of factors including fears of racially motivated violence or fears of contracting Covid-19.

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