Wednesday May 31, 2023

Little Fish Sushi bringing Asian cuisine to Hartley Wintney

With several collection points across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, the business is celebrating its newest location partner, Organically Speaking, in Hartley Wintney. 

Organically Speaking is a small, friendly, family-run independent retailer that started as a delivery business for organic fruit and vegetables, before opening a shop in Hartley Wintney.

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It has been based in Hartley Wintney for 20 years, and has been located at 63 High Street, Hartley Wintney for 12 years. It has been working with Little Fish since October 2022.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Jess, 48, is the

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Travel East, a pan-Asian restaurant in Banani, is the brainchild of four friends — Nafeez, Mishu, Kashfica, and Linkon — and has captivated the neighbourhood’s foodies’ hearts and palates. With its unique decor and delectable meals, Travel East has created a buzz in the community in a very short time.

Photo: Travel East


Photo: Travel East

When entering the restaurant, one is immediately drawn to the stunning wall of plates that adorns one of the walls.

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Ellon’s Yumi serves ultimate Asian cuisine in Aberdeenshire

I’ve always loved the debate surrounding the best takeaway, or ‘carry out’ if you’re right out in the sticks.

Everyone has their favourites, but one man’s banquet can be someone else’s bad experience.

Sometimes I think it boils down to luck on the night, plus the factor that the hospitality industry seems to be faced with an increasingly hard-to-please audience.

The Venue

I witnessed this first-hand when we decided to order from Yumi, which can be found on Bridge St in Ellon.

Having opened last September, it has become our go-to for Asian cuisine and it would seem half of

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Mumbai-based Tham brothers bring their Pan-Asian cuisine to Bengaluru

For Ryan and Keenan Tham, running a restaurant was a no-brainer. Much of their childhood was spent around the clamour of pots and pans, and the bustling energy of a kitchen service, thanks to their father Henry who was also a restaurateur.

In a way, the brothers always knew they would end up in the restaurant business, especially once they returned to India after completing their education abroad. They placed their first bet on a nightclub, Trilogy, which they set up in Mumbai in 2010. Apart from this, they also run a string of restaurants across Mumbai such as

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Mile High Asian Food Week celebrates culture, community and AAPI cuisine

Mile High Asian Food Week celebrates culture, community, and AAPI cuisine. Food lovers can experience new Asian dishes, while getting perks like discounts and access to secret menu items. 

“In many Asian cultures, food symbolizes family. It’s the way we show love and care and protection for each other. It’s great that Colorado has this chance to feel inspired, try new foods, go to new spots, or just keep supporting the restaurants they’ve already been supporting,” said Joanne Liu, founder of Mile High Asian Food Week. 

She says it’s also a chance for Colorado to learn about their AAPI neighbors.

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Egyptian Cuisine in Cairo and Upper Egypt: How to Eat Your Way Across Egypt’s Biggest Historic Sites

Visiting the grand sites of ancient Egypt can be one of the most exhilarating and jaw-dropping historic tours on the planet. It’s also one of the most coveted bucket-list items, with travelers the world over intrigued by the spectacular structures, left startlingly intact thousands of years later, that the Egyptians left behind.

But imagine coming off the high of that experience and then trudging back to a mediocre, overpriced selection of assorted western fare served in some sub-par hotel lobby. With so much attention paid to the touring, the food often plays second fiddle or worse on visitors’ Egypt itineraries,

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