From iconic cheesesteaks to award-winning restaurants, Philadelphia offers food that runs the gamut for groups

Bring up Philadelphia food to someone who’s never been, and odds are cheesesteaks and soft pretzels will lead the discussion. With many award-winning chefs calling the City of Brotherly love home, as well as an abundance of authentic global restaurants, Philadelphia is much more than its beloved signature dishes. Rather, Philly offers an assortment of interesting culinary experiences for visitors to the city, including those in groups. Visitors are encouraged to set aside multiple days to explore Philadelphia’s ever-growing culinary experiences and dining options. .

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Some travelers consider architecture or souvenirs the highlights of visiting a new place. But for an increasing cohort, food is the biggest attraction.

Culinary tourism is growing in popularity around the world, and interest in guided food tours is expected to increase more than 16% per year over the next decade.

Baton Rouge businesses are getting in on the trend, marketing it to locals and visitors alike.

Red Stick Spice Co. and owner Anne Milneck have long been known for delicious hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations. She loves sharing food, so in 2022, she teamed up with neighboring restaurants

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Today’s news cycle often leads us to believe that Haiti is a country only filled with turmoil and civil unrest. And while it can be true for certain parts of the island, chef and entrepreneur Nadege Fleurimond, along with husband and wife duo Hogarth and Guerline Emmanuel of Belle Vue Tours, are showing us otherwise. The trio teamed up in 2018 to offer travelers, Haitian descendants and those wanting to connect with the country, one of the most expertly curated experiences around—the Haiti Uncovered Culinary Tour.

Fleurimond—a successful Brooklyn-based restaurateur and author of the coffee table cookbook, Haiti Uncovered—wanted to

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From the most searched news to the biggest questions people had, Google shared its top trending searches of 2022 with the world.

When we enter a new year, trend predictions are everywhere as far as the eye can see from fashion to wall color to fitness. But what about food?

Trends in general are difficult to predict, with food trends being one of the toughest as tastes (pun most definitely intended) change as economic and social conditions do.

I mean who would have thought scores of people would have been trying their hand at baking bread during the pandemic? Or

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Do you want to experience the “real Italy”? The popular Free Press Top 10 Takeover dining series is going global, building on culture and memories being shared at the dinner table among family and friends. This spring, the Detroit Free Press is looking to capture that feeling and is taking its popular Top 10 Takeover dining series global, heading to Abruzzo, Italy.   

Details of Takeover Goes Global: Italy 2023 were announced and the culinary vacation tour package is on sale at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

More:Dinner in Abruzzo

This Italian culinary vacation is based on “the real Italy” as seen

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Banh mi (L), steamed rice rolls (top R) and pho are recommended by Travel + Leisure as must-try dishes in Vietnam. Photos by VnExpress

Travel + Leisure magazine has urged its American readers to explore Vietnam in 2023, a country it calls Asia’s “best culinary destination.”

“If there’s one cultural cuisine that bursts with umami goodness, it’s Vietnamese cuisine,” said the magazine.

“Everywhere you go, you’ll be met with local, regional delicacies that will bowl you over.”

Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and banh cuon (steamed rice rolls) are must-try dishes on a food tour in Vietnam,

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