• Restaurant staff are continuing to struggle with the labor shortage and pandemic working conditions.
  • “Every cook I know is overworked,” Brandon Medina, a line cook, told The Seattle Times.
  • A worker at a different restaurant suffered stress-induced eczema and decide to quit. 

A severe labor shortage, combined with the impact of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, has left restaurant workers struggling to cope. 

The Seattle Times reported that many workers in the city’s eateries are exhausted. They’re taking on extra work to counteract staff shortages, but also have nobody to cover shifts when they want to take

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  • A restaurant consultant told The AP she had to hire people with bad attitudes to fill roles.
  • But rude staff members scared away customers, the consultant said.
  • US restaurants are going to extreme lengths to fill vacancies amid a hospitality-worker shortage.

A restaurant manager in northern Virginia was so desperate for staff that she said she had to employ rude people who scared off customers, The Associated Press reported on Thursday.

It’s one of the latest example of US employers having to rethink their recruitment requirements amid a nationwide shortage in hospitality workers.

In response, many

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While some restaurant chains managed to weather the pandemic quite successfully, finding new ways to grow and reach their customer base, for others, the year of unprecedented crisis exacerbated a downfall that was years in the making.

The following brands have slowly been falling out of favor with customers for years, a trend which is now more obvious thanks to mass store closures and plummeting sales numbers. The only remaining question is: will they evolve or completely fall victim to the fast-food industry’s ever-changing demands.

For more, check out 12 Restaurant Chains Disappearing in 2021.

burger king food

As far as

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click to enlarge The NCAA says that the essence of college football is that players don't get paid; a supreme court justice called foul and likened it to saying food from low-paid cooks tastes better. - ALISON MCLEAN

The NCAA says that the essence of college football is that players don’t get paid; a supreme court justice called foul and likened it to saying food from low-paid cooks tastes better.

Alison McLean

Boy, do I hope Brett Kavanaugh is right.

That thought crossed my mind for the first time recently. It’s surprising not just because he’s a Supreme Court justice appointed in ultra-controversial circumstances, but because he was talking about restaurants.

In a concurring opinion published on June 21, Kavanaugh made a fleeting

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Like many servers and bartenders around the country,

Ashley Roshitsh,

32 years old, used to love her job—until the pandemic.

She had worked in hospitality since she was 14, eventually bartending at a craft cocktail bar in Birmingham, Ala. But after being furloughed in March 2020, she took stock of the toll that the long hours and late nights had taken on her. “Why do I have arthritis? Years and years of bartending will do that to you,” she says.

In August, she took a customer-service job with Birmingham-based grocery-delivery service Shipt Inc. and says she doesn’t plan on returning

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Panera Bread is showing its support for the National Month of Action and the “We Can Do This” Campaign by giving away free bagels to vaccinated customers in early July. The promotion will run from Friday, July 2 to Sunday, July 4. Customers can get one free bagel each day during the time period at participating restaurants.

Panera is not the first restaurant to offer free items to vaccinated customers. Krispy Kreme made headlines for its promotion, where vaccinated individuals can get a free doughnut if they have their vaccination card. A Panera representative told USA Today its offer is

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