Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Travel East, a pan-Asian restaurant in Banani, is the brainchild of four friends — Nafeez, Mishu, Kashfica, and Linkon — and has captivated the neighbourhood’s foodies’ hearts and palates. With its unique decor and delectable meals, Travel East has created a buzz in the community in a very short time.

Photo: Travel East


Photo: Travel East

When entering the restaurant, one is immediately drawn to the stunning wall of plates that adorns one of the walls.

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From East to West: How the Vegan Asian Food Market is Taking over the World

vegan asian food

Courtesy of Vegan Liftz/Pexels

The global vegan Asian food market is anticipated to be valued at US$ 18,196.8 million in 2023 and to reach a valuation of US$ 30,806.3 million by 2033. The demand for vegan Asian food is estimated to record a steady 6 percent CAGR.

Several trends are shaping up the market. The demand for plant-based proteins is increasing in Asia as more consumers look for alternative protein sources. Various factors, such as growing health concerns, environmental concerns, and religious beliefs, drive this trend. Plant-based protein products, such as soy, peas,

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OCM brings authentic Asian food from East to West, The 5th Annual Authentic Chinese Food Expo Unveiling at Pomona Fairplex


Published January 18, 2023

OCM Globe Inc. hosted the press conference for its 5th Annual Authentic Chinese Food Expo on January 12, at the Sheraton Los Angeles.  The exhibition invited hundreds of guests from supermarket managers, restaurant food wholesalers, restaurant owners and business elites from all over the United States to participate in the exhibition; brand partners who could not come to the scene for various reasons also sent videos to deliver Wishes for the new year.


OCM Chairman Mr. Gang Wang traveled all the way from China for this festive annual event.  Members of Congress, Los

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All the East Bay restaurants that closed in August

We don’t think we’re alone in noticing that it’s getting harder and harder to tell if a restaurant or bar is temporarily closed or has left us for good. 

This is not a new problem during the pandemic — since March 2020, when the boards went up and cobwebs began to gather on sleeping businesses, we have all had to put on detective hats and do our best to determine if a place is “closed closed” or simply “closed for now.” 

Occasionally, a business is mistakenly left for dead, thanks to a ghosted space, frozen social media accounts, broken

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10 East Asian Foods Full of Health Benefits, According to Dietitians

traditional japanese ramen soup with  mushrooms, bok choy, greens in  two black bowls on the orange background, top view, close up

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Perfectly plump ground pork dumplings, a shrimp tempura roll with spicy mayo on top, or Korean fried chicken might be what many people think of when they consider having Chinese, Japanese, or Korean food for dinner. But the traditional cuisines of these East Asian countries are actually chock full of healthy, robust ingredients, and go way beyond these popular dishes.

“The narrative that Asian cuisine is unhealthy is simply untrue. What many consider as ‘unhealthy’ Asian food is often a product of cultural assimilation—the fact that Asians needed to assimilate to American culture in order to make Asian

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