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Eat O’Clock Pop-Up Brings Fresh Asian Food to…

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TIME TO EAT: Eat O’Clock Pop-Up Brings Fresh Asian Food to Forage

Anee Vang and Leng Thao are cookin’ up in downtown Eau Claire

Sawyer Hoff |

QUARTER AFTER HUNGRY. Eat O'Clock is popping up

QUARTER AFTER HUNGRY. Eat O’Clock is popping up at Forage in downtown Eau Claire. (Photos via Facebook)

What time is it? Why, it’s Eat O’Clock, of course! Husband and wife duo, Anee Vang and Leng Thao, are bringing authentic and delicious Hmong eats to Forage (403 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire) in downtown Eau Claire. They call their pop-up, Eat O’Clock and so far have found great

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Egyptian Cuisine in Cairo and Upper Egypt: How to Eat Your Way Across Egypt’s Biggest Historic Sites

Visiting the grand sites of ancient Egypt can be one of the most exhilarating and jaw-dropping historic tours on the planet. It’s also one of the most coveted bucket-list items, with travelers the world over intrigued by the spectacular structures, left startlingly intact thousands of years later, that the Egyptians left behind.

But imagine coming off the high of that experience and then trudging back to a mediocre, overpriced selection of assorted western fare served in some sub-par hotel lobby. With so much attention paid to the touring, the food often plays second fiddle or worse on visitors’ Egypt itineraries,

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Where to Eat During Denver’s First Mile High Asian Food Week

Monday mornings are tough, but this series isn’t. Social Sightings is a quick taste of recent food tidbits that goes down as easy as your first cup of coffee, and should whet your appetite for the week ahead.

With a slew of new places to try as well as plenty of longtime staples, Denver’s Asian dining scene is thriving. In the face of national tragedies, the local AAPI community has come together more than ever in the last few years, and now, more than twenty AAPI-owned food and drink establishments are participating in the first annual Mile High Asian Food

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Europeans now also allowed to eat cricket powder and small mealworms

Nicole Glass Photography /

The European Commission declares new insect products safe for consumption. So from Tuesday, powdered house crickets and the small mealworm will also be allowed in food.

Bread with cricket flour

Back in February last year, the European Union announced that three species of insects would henceforth be allowed for human consumption: the migratory spider cricket, the yellow mealworm and the house cricket. Now the European Commission is adding several more insect products to the authorised list. A further eight applications for insect food are currently under review by the EU.

Indeed, according to the European

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5 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

Mushrooms were declared the “2022 Ingredient of the Year” by the New York Times, and the momentum of this celebrity plant-based star is still going strong.

Breakfast Fresh whole button Champignon mushrooms

(Getty Images)

Mushrooms are trending in food and wellness and are inspiring the runway and home decor. Couture designers are adding mushroom imagery to clothes, and they are even using mushrooms to make vegan leather.

Designer Stella McCartney recently launched a line of clothes and bags made with fungi-derived leather. This vegan leather substitute – made from mycelium, the threads from the root structure of mushrooms – is also being used to make shoes.

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What would you eat at the real ‘White Lotus’ restaurant?

Luxury tripe, a Sri Lankan find, a No.1 restaurant, holiday tamales and more. I’m Laurie Ochoa, general manager for L.A. Times Food with this week’s Tasting Notes.

‘White Lotus’ eaters

A man seated at a restaurant table.

You call this a breakfast buffet? Jon Gries as Greg in “The White Lotus.”


There’s been a lot of complaining about the eating habits of the characters in the just-concluded second season of HBO’s “White Lotus.” “The biggest crime,” as comedian (not musician) Chris Martin tweeted in summing up the gripes, “is all those rich people eating in the hotel restaurant every single night for a week.” As others

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