Wednesday May 31, 2023

Cheap Eats Greater Vancouver: Memory Corner

Richmond is a paradise for lovers of Asian food of all stripes — it’s well-known as the go-to spot in Greater Vancouver for authentic and delicious Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants.

While it has a rich history and plenty of variety, Taiwanese is one cuisine that’s lesser known to many Vancouverites.

There’s no shortage of spots in Richmond dedicated to the food of this island in the Pacific, but one that stands out is Memory Corner.

Memory Corner

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Memory Corner

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Located near Lansdowne Centre, this small Taiwanese gem is beloved for its variety of traditional dishes, as well

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Food reviewer eats MS gas station Chinese food on Facebook

Stafford Shurden’s one-man tailgate food review show returned to South Mississippi for another gas station dish.

As part of the popular Facebook series that has garnered thousands of followers, Shurden stopped at a Gautier gas station and enjoyed an Asian dish featuring crab rangoon and General Tso’s chicken.

Shurden entered the 1st Stop on Gautier Vancleave road expecting food that was “just going to be Chinese food,” but had his expectations surpassed by the rangoons and the egg rolls.

From the tailgate of his traveling campaign, Shurden tried rangoons that he said were more savory than sweet thanks to a

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Outpost Eats offers Asian-inspired dishes in Bellingham

Bellingham is known for its many food trucks, but last year a unique truck opened, serving Asian-inspired cuisine surrounded by green forestry.

Transition Bicycle Company created the Transition Outpost, a beer and food hall and bicycle shop in Bellingham and expanded the restaurant’s reach by taking it on the road in November 2022.

“When we opened Transition Outpost, our vision was to create a place for people to gather and build community. Oftentimes this might be over a shared love of bikes but we were also excited to welcome anyone in the community looking for a great beer selection and

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New Orleans restaurants that closed in 2022 | Where NOLA Eats

Any year will invariably bring a tally of restaurants that closed. This year’s list of lost New Orleans restaurants feels especially harsh however.

The reasons why restaurants shutter are as varied as the people behind our local, independent restaurants, because these businesses are run by individuals or families or small groups that come together with an idea. They are just as susceptible to everything that can happen to individuals and families and friends.

But through 2022 one recurring issue was the long shadow cast by the pandemic. For whatever phase we are in now, the strain and turmoil of these

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Soon robots will handle some of Uber Eats’ food deliveries in Miami

A small, self-driven vehicle heads across a sidewalk to a person and stops. Then the individual reaches down, opens the hatch and gets out the food he or she ordered. This isn’t a scene in a science fiction movie, rather Uber Eats’ newest mode of food delivery coming for Miami-Dade residents.

Uber on Thursday announced a partnership with California technology company Cartken that enables Cartken’s self-driving robots to deliver Uber Eats’ customer orders. For now, people in the Dadeland area can have food delivered by the robot.

Early next year, Uber plans to expand its robot food delivery service to

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Good Eats at Hungry Neko Food Fest

The Hungry Neko Food Festival, a celebration of Asian culture, was held on Nov. 5 at Party Beer Co. in L.A.’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The organizer was Keiko Nakashima, owner of Sunny Blue, which specializes in handcrafted omusubi and has stores in Culver City and Santa Monica.

Vendors included Okayama Bakery, The Plant Lab, Rakkan Ramen, Torisho, Buttery Popcorn, Kumamoto Ice, Shoshi Watanabe, Kenzo Illustrations, Asian Boba Girl, Mume Farm and The Paper Donut Shop.

There was a raffle for prizes that included a Sunny Blue gift card, Hungry Neko swag and a rice cooker.

Photos by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo

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