In recent months, tensions have mounted between CPG brands and their retail customers over how far and fast to hike prices. Record levels of food inflation across the region – up 13.1% in the eurozone for October, according to Eurostat – suggest that food makers have been largely successful in winning pricing concessions that reflect the inflationary pressure they are feeling.

However, a grim economic outlook is likely to make this picture more challenging. A number of multinational CPG companies have spoken of deteriorating sentiment in Western European markets. 

Most recently, the issue was flagged by confectionery giant Mondelez International

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Unilever on Thursday gave a dire assessment of consumer sentiment in Europe and China, two of its key markets, but raised its full year sales forecast as it lifted prices to counter soaring costs.

Like the rest of the consumer goods industry, Unilever’s margins have been squeezed since the start of the war in Ukraine that has pushed up costs of energy and key ingredients. As a result, the company has raised prices sharply.

“We are surprised how well volumes have held up [given] the levels of price increases we’ve been forced to take,” CEO Alan Jope told CNBC after

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  • As Europe’s leading distributor of exclusive high-end meats, and restauranteur, Giraudi Meats will add Redefine Meat’s premium-quality New-Meat™ range to its portfolio
  • Partners sign pan-European sales, marketing and distribution agreement – starting with the commercial launch of New-Meat in France today, followed by Italy, Sweden and Greece later this year, with dozens more European countries to follow
  • Giraudi Meats will also add New-Meat products on the menus of their chain of Beefbar restaurants across Europe, starting with the Paris Beefbar today

PARIS, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of Europe’s largest food exhibition, SIAL (15-19 October), New-Meat™ 

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An aereal view taken on July 19, 2022 shows a combine harvester that harvests grain from a field near Selm, western Germany. [Photo/Agencies]

Inflation is rampant, food prices are surging, millions of people are falling into poverty each month, and this year the world will burn enough food to feed more than 1 billion people.

Turning edible crops into biofuels for vehicles has long been controversial, but campaigners are now arguing that, in today’s world, the practice is “immoral”.

The United Nations has warned of a “looming food catastrophe”, driven by COVID-19, climate change, and the conflict in Ukraine, which

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Beginning Aug. 7, food manufacturers in Europe won’t be able to use titanium dioxide, a color additive. But that doesn’t mean the ingredient is toxic to humans.

On July 14, a lawsuit was filed against Mars, the company that makes Skittles, claiming the button-shaped candies contain toxic levels of titanium dioxide and are unfit for human consumption. 

The lawsuit says Jenile Thames, who is listed as one of the plaintiffs, bought a bag of original Skittles from a California convenience store. According to the lawsuit, Thames “reviewed the labeling, packaging, and marketing materials of the products and saw the false

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Fats and oils remained the category most debated in 2020 by European countries trying to tackle food fraud, according to a report.

The EU Agri-Food Fraud Network (FFN) is managed by the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Sante) of the European Commission.

The annual report does not measure the number of agri-food fraud incidents in the EU or cover national level operations.

FFN members share information in the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation system — Food Fraud (AAC-FF), which is managed by the EU Commission. The number of cases created per year has more than doubled, from 157 in

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