Wichita restaurants have been struggling with staffing and fatigue as summer winds down.

Wichita restaurants have been struggling with staffing and fatigue as summer winds down.

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As the end of summer arrives, Wichita restaurant owners are becoming overwhelmed, and many seem near their breaking points.

They can’t find employees. They can’t get their food orders. They can’t work another hour without losing their minds.

Over the past couple of weeks, several restaurant owners have taken to social media to share their troubles and to ask customers for understanding. Others have just decided to check out temporarily — or permanently.

Greg Cook, who opened his Lilikoi Asian Bistro at 12111 W.

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Mille and his wife own a small catering company in Craftsbury, Vermont called Chef Nadav LLC, which sells Mediterranean cuisine among other food. Typically, he orders items like pitas weeks ahead of time from food distributor Sysco (SYY). But on this occasion, he learned about 12 hours before the order was to have arrived that it wasn’t coming.

“I got a call saying that we’re not delivering to you tomorrow, or any time soon,” he said. “So I started calling around, and I found what I needed at Whole Foods in Boston. And the next day I … Read more

Eager to dive into a plate of chicken wings or a tender chicken sandwich? You might have to wait a while.

Restaurants across the United States are saying they are struggling to keep a steady stream of chicken tenders, breasts and wings on their customers’ plates due to a nationwide poultry shortage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, franchises such as KFC, Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings are saying they are paying high prices for poultry, and many independent eateries have gone for weeks without wings.

For comparison, boneless skinless chicken breast averaged averaged around $1 a pound last

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Imported cheese may be in short supply at Costco.

The big-box retailer is having difficulty stocking up on imported cheeses due to a shortage of shipping containers, which

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