During the pandemic, food insecurity worsened in many homes and across racial groups. But an analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates fears about leaving home to get enough food were a more prevalent factor for Asian households.

Among the 77,000 respondents to a survey in late March, Asian households were more than twice as likely as white respondents to report lacking enough to eat because they were “afraid to go or didn’t want to go out to buy food.”

Respondents were not asked to give a

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The U.S. Census Bureau said Asian households reported not having enough food to eat due to fears of leaving their house during the coronavirus pandemic, which the agency surmised could be due to a number of factors including fears of racially motivated violence or fears of contracting Covid-19.

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – While many restaurants across the state have struggled during the pandemic, the Iowa Restaurant Association said it’s especially worried about the impact in rural parts of the state.

“What we’re seeing is the mom and pop restaurants, they’ve finally just thrown their arms in the air and many of them have put their restaurants on the market to try and sell, and there just aren’t people to come and buy them,” Jessica Dunker, the Iowa Restaurant Association president and CEO, said.

“Our worry as an Association is that those rural areas will be food deserts,”

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