The Bay Area has experienced an uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans this year, particularly with the elderly. The news stories have become sadly familiar, from an 84-year-old Thai immigrant who was fatally shoved by an attacker in January to an elderly woman who was assaulted in broad daylight and tried to fight him off with a board. From violent encounters like these to everyday verbal harassment on the street, Asian Americans have been feeling the strain and blame of the pandemic in myriad ways.

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When Alex Hanesakda saw the tragic news that eight people were shot and killed in Atlanta on March 16, and that six of them were Asian women, he knew it was time for him to speak out.

Hanesakda took to the Facebook page of his Laotian restaurant, SapSap, to denounce the anti-Asian and Pacific Islander hate crimes that were surging across the country.

What he wrote in the post, he also submitted to the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service ( The editorial was titled: “ ‘I’m done keeping my head down:’ Why we must stop the hate against Asian Americans

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