The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has added some new additions to their food recall list and you might want to double-check your pantry and fridge.

They warn that for food that’s been recalled due to the presence of undeclared allergies, like milk or nuts, to avoid that item as it might cause a reaction if you have a sensitivity to it.

For food that may have possible pieces of plastic in it, they advise that you should not “consume, use, sell, serve, or distribute” them.

Take a look below to see what products the CFIA wants Canadians to be

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Ann Arbor resident Haluthai “Thai” Inhmathong, owner of the pop-up Thai restaurant Basil Babe, understands food’s power to connect people to her culture. Since she started her pop-up during the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s been striving to bring her community closer together through her cuisine. And she’s just one of many Ann Arbor culinary visionaries using Asian food to nourish understanding and bonding between cultures.

“Giving people a taste of home leads to so many opportunities for a happier community,” Inhmathong says. “We’re lucky to be in an area where there are all these different types of cuisine that we

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Good morning everyone! Hope you’re finding ways to beat the heat! Let’s get your Thursday started!

Fun Fact: Across the world, about one billion metric tons of food is wasted every year. An estimated 61 per cent come from houses while 26 per cent is from restaurants and 13 per cent is from grocery stores.

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In 1928, IX summer Olympic Games begin in Amsterdam.

In 1945, Betty Lou Oliver, known as Elevator Girl, survives after falling 75 storeys in an elevator in the Empire State Building. She was operating the elevator and a plane flew into the

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The raw food diet has gotten the attention of pet owners in recent years.

One of the most popular raw food diets for pets is called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF for short. Created in the 1990s, BARF mimics the diet of a wild animal with meat, bones, vegetables and other raw foods. The diet claims to bring dogs back to their non-domesticated way of feeding and boasts benefits like growth, better health and longevity. 

But is the diet for dogs? Can your furry friend maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating raw meat? Here’s what you need to know.

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The widow of a Chinese food delivery worker who was fatally shot is speaking out after her husband’s alleged killer was released on bail.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, was arrested in New York City on June 1 for the alleged murder of Zhiwen Yan, a Chinese food delivery worker, who was shot in the chest on April 30 while riding his scooter in the neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens.

A judge ordered Hirsch to be released to home confinement on Monday after posting $500,000 in bail.

“I am devastated and heartbroken that the person who targeted and killed my husband has

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Arda Tuhanioglu (top) and Surabhi Wason, both Ph.D. students in food science, won their oral presentation division contests at the Institute of Food Technologists conference.

Arda Tuhanioglu and Surabhi Wason, both graduate students in food science, won competition awards at the recent Institute of Food Technologists First Event and Expo in Chicago.

Tuhanioglu, a Ph.D. student advised by assistant professor Ali Ubeyitogullari, won the Sustainable Food Systems division oral contest.

Wason, a Ph.D. student advised by professor and head of the Department of Food Science Jeyam Subbiah, won the Non-Thermal Processing division oral competition.

Tuhanioglu’s research

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