Charnews Farm acted as the home base for this year’s 16th Annual North Fork Foodie Tour. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Once a year, local farmers and artisans on the North Fork open their doors to the public, offering a behind the scenes tour of their daily operations. This Sunday marked the 16th Annual North Fork Foodie Tour.

From man-made mushroom caves to blooming flower fields, participants gained access to 19 different businesses along Sound Avenue and Main Road.

Here are five takeaways from a few of the sites this year:

Mattituck Mushrooms, Mattituck

Mushrooms can have medicinal properties 

Mattituck Mushrooms, a

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Sunday marks the crystal anniversary of the North Fork Foodie Tour, the annual self-guided exploration of the North Fork’s agricultural and culinary treasures.

Ticket holders have access to a dozen venues, as well as the opportunity to meet farmers, artisans and chefs who turn the region’s agricultural bounty into some of Long Island’s most celebrated foods.

In 2006, about 200 people embarked on the first tour organized by the North Fork Reform Synogogue in Cutchogue; that figure had almost tripled by 2019. Last year’s “tour” occurred solely online via Zoom, but still managed to draw more than 150 people to

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Despite being located in the place long known as the land of milk and honey, Jerusalem still seems to fly under the international foodie’s radar. But this storied city, perhaps the world’s original travel destination, has quietly been undergoing a food revolution that’s elevating Middle Eastern cuisine. And word is slowly getting out.

Few food cultures can call on their diaspora quite like Jerusalem. A bounty of ingredients fresh from the soil and the sea, much-loved and well-stocked markets, and innovative chefs from a wide variety of backgrounds combine here to create the perfect recipe for hungry visitors ready

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Ben Brown loves to travel, and he loves to eat. So whenever he visits new countries, he often books culinary tours to learn about cities through their culinary culture.

But what has always bugged the 32-year-old Carmel Valley resident about food tours is that they’re on a strict schedule that prohibits lingering in spots he likes, and they’re expensive, because the ticket price includes the cost of the tour guide.

Brown’s frustration led to his creation of TastePro, a new San Diego dining tour business that does away with both the schedule and the guide. Customers visit the company’s

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As Americans head back to Europe in 2021 or 2022, many are looking for tours or customized packages that allow them to taste the best of European destinations, participate in hands-on cooking classes, or delve into a country’s culinary heritage. Yet, many travelers may not desire a journey that’s totally culinary-themed. Instead, they’re looking for a tour or city-stay package that provides a broader European experience—but still offering some foodie elements.

Here’s a sampling of fun options for foodies:

Amazing Sites, Tasty Delights 

Milan, Italy

Globus offers a northern Italy tour roundtrip from Milan, pictured in the photo above. // Photo by 

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Enjoying lunch with friends

Is travelling all about the delicious food for you? (Picture: Getty Images)

If the best part of any holiday is trying the local cuisine, this is the round-up for you.

Review and comparison site Tripadvisor has released the food-based experiences worldwide that have been rated the highest this year.

Using an algorithm, they analysed the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings for bookable experience products in the foodie categories on site, with these ones coming out top.

From Sydney to Lima, these are tours that have been whetting the appetite of travellers over the past year – quite a

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