Procrastinators, listen up! This time of year can be extra stressful, thanks to tight shipping deadlines and delays with the USPS. Alleviate some of that unnecessary drama by giving a gift that requires no shipping, like a eGift Card.

Who doesn’t love a good meal out every now and then? A eGift Card works for nearly anyone on your list — from your son’s favorite teacher to Aunt Rita —and right

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Weddings are one of the most important events in a bride and groom’s life. A lot of preparation goes into making the wedding guests happy and make sure that they have a good time as they bless the newlyweds. 

But, a bride and groom took a different route and released a note for the wedding guests where the price range of their gifts would decide the kind of dinner they will receive at the wedding. 

A photo of the note is being massively shared on social media in which the bride and groom asked the guests to let them know

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