Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Islanders take home potatoes by the bootful as farmers collect donations for local food banks

Islanders were able to help themselves to a bucketload — or a bootful — of free P.E.I. potatoes this weekend while also supporting a good cause. 

On Saturday, P.E.I. residents paid a visit to Island potato farmers participating in this year’s “Come Fill Your Boots” in support of local food banks.

Islanders were able to top up their footwear — or their buckets, or sacks — with P.E.I. spuds at four different locations where farmers collected donations support people facing food insecurity.

The event began last year when a trade dispute with the U.S. over the discovery of potato wart

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How do South Asian Americans Remember Home Cooking?

If you’ve had a hometown dish while abroad, you might have thought, It’s just not the same here. But missing familiar cooking goes beyond simple food cravings. It’s also a way of tapping national identity, according to Anita Mannur’s analysis of “the deep nostalgic investment in considering certain types of food to be authentically, and autochthonously, ‘Indian’” in fiction, memoir, and cookbook writing about South Asian immigrants’ gastronomic habits in North America.

Reading Madhur Jaffrey’s An Invitation to Indian Cooking, Sara Suleri’s memoir Meatless Days, and two short stories by Shani Mootoo, Mannur suggests that cooking lets immigrants

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A new restaurant in Dubai offers Ukrainian expats a taste of home : NPR

(Left) A Ukrainian chef prepares mashed potatoes in the kitchen at Yoy restaurant. (Right) Traditional Ukrainian beet stew known as borsch is being prepared. It’s the restaurant’s most popular dish.

Aya Batrawy/NPR

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Aya Batrawy/NPR

(Left) A Ukrainian chef prepares mashed potatoes in the kitchen at Yoy restaurant. (Right) Traditional Ukrainian beet stew known as borsch is being prepared. It’s the restaurant’s most popular dish.

Aya Batrawy/NPR

DUBAI — Off the coast of Dubai, on an upscale, artificial island shaped like a palm tree, Ukrainian visitors and expatriates have found a taste of home.

The smell of

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Tiffin services serving up a taste of home for Windsor’s South Asian community

After coming to Windsor from Punjab, India, Dhruv Jindal noticed a lot of differences. The biggest of them all was food. 

“It’s hard adjusting here. But when you come from India, because there we are used to eat homemade, different homemade food. So it’s difficult adjusting here with the food that they give us,” said Jindal.

A man stands for a photo.
Dhruv Jindal fondly remembers getting these meals from his mother.  (Nav Nanwa/CBC)

Seeking familiar flavours, and not quite satisfied with offerings on campus, Jindal found himself walking down Wyandotte Street and discovered a tiffin service being offered at Bhullar’s Groceries. 

“They gave me a

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Americans Can Experience This Amazing Caribbean Destination And Leave Their Passports At Home

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Have you been dreaming of leaving it all behind and jetting off to the Caribbean but keep putting off that passport renewal? Luckily, Americans can experience the beauty and charm of the Caribbean without a passport!

In fact, Americans can experience the best of the Caribbean without a passport, without exchanging money, without a long-haul flight, and without dealing with the hassle of international cell service limitations.

Woman walking along beach in puerto rico, caribbean

Take It From Me, Puerto Rico Is The Most Accessible Caribbean Destination

When the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico this fall presented itself,

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Smoker grill 101: Master this culinary art through patience and practice | Home & Garden

Recipe: Smoked country-style pork ribs

The size and marbling of these make it a perfect meat for beginners on the smoker grill. Try to find the more-red-than-pink ribs that are all a similar size, on the heftier side works best, with or without bones. Trim any fat caps that are thicker than a quarter inch; they won’t render well on this relatively short smoke.

Let the ribs sit out of the fridge a bit while you preheat your grill. Add a water pan to the smoker to keep the temperature more consistent and help keep the meat from drying out.

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