A busy grocery store bustling with shoppers only a few weeks ago, Food Island is now shuttered and empty, with some in the Asian community saying they feel a particular loss over its closure. 

The store, an anchor tenant of the Oxford and Wonderland shopping plaza, specialized in Asian groceries and closed earlier this month. Shoppers who spoke to CBC News said they knew something was up when the stocks on the shelves started to dwindle without being replaced. 

“[The closure] really surprised us, and it’s had a really big effect on our life,” said Rui Yang, an international student 

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For food lovers, Japan is one of the most-visited destinations. And within Japan, if one gets to try a variety of dishes within a small area then it is Omoide Yokocho in Tokyo. It is located within a five-minute walking distance from Shinjuku station, considered to be the busiest rail station in the world.

The Omoide Yokocho is a narrow alley that comprises around 70 small food joints and bars that are all packed close together. The tiny alley, popular among locals and tourists alike, offers affordable options of Japanese comfort food like yakitori (skewered chicken) and nikomi (beef tendon

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Kylin Experience, a tiny Asian eatery, is located in the bustling Ambience mall’s food court in Vasant Kunj. The restaurant is a one-stop food destination for those who enjoy Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisine. Your experience with Kylin Experience falls into the category of reasonably priced luxury. It focuses not only on providing authentic cuisine to food connoisseurs, but also on attracting diners who are hesitant to experiment with new food cultures. Let’s take a look at what Kylin Experience, Vasant Kunj has to offer.



The live kitchen, which provides a distinctive dining experience, is one of this restaurant’s

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