Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Kick Start Your Spring Break Foodie Tour with Miami Beach

South Florida is one of the top Spring Break destinations every year, and there’s no shortage of options for travelers looking to escape to the warm weather. With beautiful beaches, mouthwatering restaurants, and experiential hotels with loads of on-site activities, there’s something for everyone. Check out some of these spots around Miami Beach to kick start you Spring Break vacation!

The Deck at Island Gardens

There’s no better way to show social media that you’re spending Spring Break 2023 in Miami than visiting The Deck at Island Gardens, Miami’s most treasured waterfront restaurant. This unparalleled setting for waterfront dining offers

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A Miami Company Had Big Plans for Portland’s Fast Food. It’s Struggling to Deliver.

A few years ago, restaurants started sprouting up in Portland like toadstools, with names like Mr. Beast Burger, Sticky Wings and Man vs. Fries. They served smash burgers, hot wings, and cheese fries to patrons ordering with a tap of their phones.

None of these places really existed—at least, not in the way people usually think of restaurants. They were “ghost kitchens,” where one or more cooks prepare as many as seven kinds of cuisine at commissary kitchens, brick-and-mortar restaurants and, in some cases, food trucks. At the edge of an empty parking lot. All for delivery only.

On apps

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Soon robots will handle some of Uber Eats’ food deliveries in Miami

A small, self-driven vehicle heads across a sidewalk to a person and stops. Then the individual reaches down, opens the hatch and gets out the food he or she ordered. This isn’t a scene in a science fiction movie, rather Uber Eats’ newest mode of food delivery coming for Miami-Dade residents.

Uber on Thursday announced a partnership with California technology company Cartken that enables Cartken’s self-driving robots to deliver Uber Eats’ customer orders. For now, people in the Dadeland area can have food delivered by the robot.

Early next year, Uber plans to expand its robot food delivery service to

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Komodo in Miami is the top grossing indie restaurant in 2021

Komodo in Brickell, which serves pan Asian fare, was the highest-grossing independent restaurant in the country in 2021.

Komodo in Brickell, which serves pan Asian fare, was the highest-grossing independent restaurant in the country in 2021.

In 2020, restaurants everywhere suffered. But some Miami area restaurants rebounded in 2021 — including one upscale Asian spot that was the top grossing independent restaurant in the country.

The trade publication Restaurant Business ranked the top-grossing independent restaurants for 2021, assessing how well they did after a yearlong, pandemic-related hiatus, and Komodo in Brickell grossed the most.

The Groot Hospitality restaurant, which served 285,000 meals with an average check of $115, grossed $41,000,000 in 2021.

Two other Groot Hospitality restaurants made

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