If you’ve been even a little bit curious about plant-based milks—or, if you’re simply a potato lover—then you want to read this. The beloved root vegetable is one of the latest discoveries as a food that can be made into milk… and the health benefits of potato milk might impress you.

The U.K.’s Plant Based News reports that potato milk is an up-and-coming trend in plant-based milks. Not only is the flavor said to be naturally mild (and the texture somewhat creamy from the potato’s natural starch), but the process for making it is said to be much friendlier to

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The European Union and the United States have agreed to suspend all export fines for four months in the long-running Airbus and Boeing subsidy dispute. During that time, the new US President Joe Biden wants to make new trade agreements with the European Union. Biden visits Brussels.

Stopping import duties would make many European food and meat products cheaper in the United States. European products subject to an additional 25 percent customs duty include Irish single malt whiskey, liquor, assorted cheeses, bacon, yogurt and butter, various fats and oils, and various fish and seafood.

In a statement, the European Commission

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