• Are grocery stores open on Labor Day? Yes, most are open but Costco clubs are closed Sept. 6.
  • What stores are closed on Labor Day? Major retailers are open but Costco is the big exception.
  • McDonald’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell, IHOP, Dunkin’ and most national chains are open Labor Day.

Consumers wanting to take advantage of the long weekend will find plenty of options for shopping and grabbing a bite on Monday.

Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, most major retailers and grocery stores will be open on Labor Day, a federal holiday dedicated to the achievements of American

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Kurt Janowsky has a history of operating a restaurant on the east side of the St. Joseph River. 

Janowsky, who owns and operates several local restaurants and venues under the Navarre Hospitality name, initially cut his teeth in the restaurant business at Captain Alexander’s Moonraker, later renamed the Wharf, located along the East Bank near Colfax bridge. 

“It was by far the busiest restaurant in the area,” he said. “And I really am looking forward to getting back to the same location and the next generation of great restaurants and great dining in this city — it doesn’t get

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The Athens location of Andy’s Frozen Custard, a franchise out of Missouri, is open on Broad Street near Hawthorne Avenue. Frozen custard means ice cream, basically, slow churned and high in butterfat. Andy’s also has concretes (a sort of Blizzard-type thing with frozen custard mixed with things like Oreos or strawberries or syrup), jackhammers (custard with a hot center), sundaes, splits, malts, shakes, freezes, sodas, floats and soft drinks brewed in Milwaukee. All this stuff is available until 11:30 p.m. most nights and midnight Friday and Saturday.

Most locally compiled, spiral-bound cookbooks in the South come from churches and

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EFSA’s expert panel on nutrition has completed its provisional assessment of the safety of dietary sugars following a comprehensive scientific review.

Valeriu Curtui, head of EFSA’s Nutrition Unit, said: “This has been a hugely challenging work so far, involving the evaluation of over 30,000 publications. Our experts and staff have made an immense effort to reach this point and applied the highest standards of scientific rigour throughout.”

A public consultation starting today will run until 30 September and EFSA will hold a public meeting to discuss the draft opinion on 21 September.

Scientific advice, not policy recommendations or dietary guidelines

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A soul food stall, a superfood and smoothie bar, and a stall serving comfort food are opening later this fall at Chattahoochee Food Works, the northwest Atlanta food hall located on the edge of the Underwood Hills neighborhood.

The first 13 restaurant stalls and a central bar are now open at the sprawling 31-stall market and test kitchen, backed by celebrity chef and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern and Robert Montwaid — the man behind Gansevoort Market in New York City.

The new stalls

Owned by Juan Felipe Segura, Selvasana will serve acai bowls, smoothies, juices and sparkling fruit-blended

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There are a surplus of Chinese takeout restaurants in Pensacola and quite a few more Chinese buffets, but coming up at the end of June, a slightly elevated, sit-down Chinese restaurant will become an option for foodies, courtesy of a well-established local chef and business owner. 

Chuck Nippon, the owner of Nippon Sushi at Cordova Mall, will hit on another one of his entrepreneurial goals when he opens Taipei Asian Cuisine this summer on North Davis Highway. 

“There’s really no nice Chinese dining restaurants here,” Nippon explained Thursday morning. “I wanted to have a really nice, clean and classic Asian

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