Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Travel East, a pan-Asian restaurant in Banani, is the brainchild of four friends — Nafeez, Mishu, Kashfica, and Linkon — and has captivated the neighbourhood’s foodies’ hearts and palates. With its unique decor and delectable meals, Travel East has created a buzz in the community in a very short time.

Photo: Travel East


Photo: Travel East

When entering the restaurant, one is immediately drawn to the stunning wall of plates that adorns one of the walls.

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Mumbai-based Tham brothers bring their Pan-Asian cuisine to Bengaluru

For Ryan and Keenan Tham, running a restaurant was a no-brainer. Much of their childhood was spent around the clamour of pots and pans, and the bustling energy of a kitchen service, thanks to their father Henry who was also a restaurateur.

In a way, the brothers always knew they would end up in the restaurant business, especially once they returned to India after completing their education abroad. They placed their first bet on a nightclub, Trilogy, which they set up in Mumbai in 2010. Apart from this, they also run a string of restaurants across Mumbai such as

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NAO By Bercos – The Latest Must-Try Pan-Asian Restaurant On The Block

Italian and North Indian are no longer the only two options for Indian diners. Slowly and steadily, pan-Asian cuisine too has made its presence felt in the Indian restaurant scene. With this evolved palate, we have seen a growing fondness for dishes such as sushi, dim sum, and even curries. The experimental wave of dining out is evident from the opening of many new restaurants in the GK-II M-block market in the recent past. And NAO by Bercos is the latest addition to this bustling and vibrant South Delhi market.

With an expansive menu spanning across countries, NAO or Next

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Flavored to the bone: The Mandarin in Menlo Park blends old and new to showcase pan-Asian cuisine | Peninsula Foodist | The Peninsula Foodist

by Sara Hayden

“Trust me….I eat a lot.” Owner Nee Lau keeps a slow and steady emphasis on quality above all else.

Whole rock cod in spicy black bean sauce at The Mandarin in Menlo Park. The restaurant had a soft opening in June, with plans for a grand opening party in July. (Image courtesy of The Mandarin)

The pandemic may have expedited owner Nee Lau’s plans to pursue what was a retirement dream of opening a restaurant, but when it comes to executing his vision at The Mandarin in Menlo Park, it’s all about slowing down.

“I’d rather have

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