08 Apr 2021 — European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s latest report on pesticide residues in food in the EU has revealed that pesticide levels have dropped. Nonetheless, EFSA is now calling for better risk management options for food consumed in the region. 

The findings are a valuable source of information for food business operators and can be used to enhance the efficiency and safety of self-control systems, according to EFSA.

Improvements flagged
“Overall, the results are slightly better than previous years,” an EFSA spokesperson tells FoodIngredientsFirst

“The number of samples within the legal limit was higher

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The latest report on pesticide residues in food in the European Union is now available, giving a snapshot of residue levels found in a basket of products widely consumed in the territory. 

A total of 96,302 samples were analysed in 2019, 96.1% of which fell within legally permitted levels. For the subset of 12,579 samples analysed as part of the EU-coordinated control programme (EUCP), 98% were within legal limits.

The EUCP analysed samples randomly collected from 12 food products – apples, head cabbages, lettuce, peaches, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, oat grain, barley grain, wine (red and white), cow’s milk and swine

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