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Janice Thomas got her first taste for French food as a young child in Oregon. Those early meals created great memories, but also the foundation for her love of food, cooking and travel. 

For years, she traveled back and forth from Arizona to Door County, where her husband’s family had a home. She trained as a nurse but often talked about having a cooking school of her own someday. When her husband found a spot in Ellison Bay, they launched Savory Spoon Cooking School. 

Thomas has now spent nearly two decades teaching people to cook and leading

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A bus was out of gas in the parking lot of Jake’s from July 12 to 20. It was moved on Wednesday, July 20, after a mechanic provided enough diesel fuel to prime the engine. Photo by Kori Skillman/VTDigger

BURLINGTON — The bus has been moved.

Eight days after a black and red school bus, repurposed as a mobile dwelling, first appeared in the Jake’s ONE Market parking lot on North Winooski Avenue, a group of community members rallied in the parking lot to get it running and on its way on Wednesday.

The period in between was marked by

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Wasting food is something all of us should avoid. It is extremely vital to teach young children the importance of having the privilege of eating all three meals. In order to pass on the same message to his students, a school principal from central China is opting to walk the talk. 

Wang Yongxin, head of a private secondary school in Oiyang, Hunan province is apparently eating students’ leftovers from the school cafeteria to warn them against food waste. 


A video of the incident showed Mr Wang standing near the cafeteria dustbin and stopping students from discarding their meals, and

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Sierra Epps brought her two sons and her nephew to this food drive outside Mainland High School in Daytona Beach Thursday.

Epps said her oldest, who is going to middle school, got his vaccine just in time for his first day of school on Aug. 16.

“School is getting ready to start and kids get sick all the time so it’s really good to have everyone vaccinated,” Epps said.

Since her son got the vaccine, he also got a “shot” at getting free ham, too.

[TRENDING: Doctor in critical care for COVID | Hospitals run low

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There’s never been a better time to be cooking with Asian ingredients in the United States. After decades of erasure and misrepresentation, American supermarket shelves and digital marketplaces finally look more like the country’s diverse population and palate. This shift is largely thanks to a new wave of first- and second-generation Asian American chefs, food professionals, and entrepreneurs who are not just increasing visibility, but also truly changing the way we talk about Asian food, people, and culture. And our pantries are better for it. 

These days, you can find every manner of regional and hyper-specific Asian ingredient, from an

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In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular K-12 Food Management articles, K-12 gets ready for the fall ranked as the week’s top story. Despite general anticipation of a full return to in-person classes, K-12 meal programs will be challenged by labor issues and making up for the financial shortfalls of the past year. One question facing K-12 meal programs is how much customized and higher-end service stations can be maintained this fall given labor and continuing safety issues. Pictured is a make-your-own oatmeal station at the Grant County School District in Kentucky in 2019. Among other stories

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