Across Britain, a slow-burning problem has ignited into a supply chain crisis in recent weeks as restaurants, supermarkets and food manufacturers warned customers that some popular products may be temporarily unavailable because of a shortage of truck drivers.

McDonald’s milkshakes, Nando’s chicken, Haribo sweets and supermarket milk are among the items that have become scarce in Britain over the summer. But it goes far beyond food: Nearly every industry is complaining about delivery problems. And already organizations are warning that logistics issues could upend the arrival of Christmas toys and the trimmings crucial to family holiday meals.

A long-running shortage

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JASPER, Ind. (WFIE) – Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools have been dealing with food shortages, which continues to make filling school lunches difficult.

Food Services Director Katie Sherman says the troubles first began around late March, when shipments of food started getting delayed or wouldn’t arrive.

“There were days where we weren’t certain that we were going to have food at all to serve,” she said.

On the worst days, they would rely on sales people to take food in their own cars.

“Right now, things are so bad that that’s not even happening,” Sherman said.

Without this food, the school

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Some 45 outlets were shuttered across England, Scotland and Wales, a spokesperson for Nando’s told CNN Business on Wednesday. The company has dispatched some of its employees to suppliers in order to get chicken shipments moving once again, the spokesperson added.

Nando’s is the latest in a series of UK companies to see its supply chain strained by a shortage of workers. The spokesperson said the primary bottleneck was at UK chicken distributors, which have warned in recent weeks that Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have created a “perfect storm” that’s limiting production.

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Thirty-seven percent of Asian American households reported not having enough to eat amid the COVID-19 pandemic because they were “afraid” or “did not want” to go out to buy food, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Key details: The figure comes from the agency’s Household Pulse Survey (HPS), which studies how the coronavirus is impacting U.S. households from a social and economic perspective.

  • Since April 2020, all race groups reported being more likely to experience food insufficiency due to COVID-19. However, Asian and white households had consistently lower rates of food insufficiency (both under 10%) than Black and Hispanic

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A "help wanted" sign in a restaurant window

A “Help Wanted” sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in a Manhattan restaurant. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

  • A California taco restaurant blamed a staff shortage and slow service on “state handouts.”

  • Some businesses are blaming workers and government handouts for the labor shortage.

  • Others say the solution is simply to pay workers more.

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A taqueria in California posted a sign in its window blaming government handouts for a staff shortage, and asked customers to be patient with slow service.

“Sadly, due to government and state handouts no one wants to work

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  • Chicken wing suppliers have nearly doubled their prices, the owner of a Duff’s Famous Wings in Buffalo, New York, told Fox.
  • This is because chicken farms are struggling to find workers during the US labor shortage, he said.
  • Fryer oil has also shot up more than 120% so far this year, Greg Duell said.
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Chicken wings are getting much more expensive because farms are struggling to hire staff during a national labor shortage, a Buffalo, New York, restaurant owner told Fox Business Monday.

“The chicken wing farms in America, they’re having trouble retaining

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