When 27-year-old Hetal Vasavada was faced with a rice challenge on “MasterChef” Season 6, she knew exactly what to do. “Everyone’s panicking, like, ‘I don’t know what to make.’ But all I could think about was khichdi,” she says with a laugh.

Vasavada intimately knows the power of good khichdi. When she was a child, her grandmother would feed her heaping spoonfuls of the South Asian staple made from rice and lentils — with “a crap-ton of ghee,” of course. She and her family also attended khichdi parties, where other families proudly shared batches of their generational

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  • Insider spoke with a dietitian and chef to on how to add vegetables to and cut fat in South Asian meals.
  • Ethnic food is not inherently “unhealthy,” and making use of cultural recipes can add important nutrients.
  • Balancing carbs with veggies and protein and cutting down on fat can lead to long-term health benefits.

As a health reporter and a Pakistani-American, dinner time can sometimes feel like a conundrum.

I want to eat the food I grew up with while getting all my nutrients and fiber. Pakistani food, along with all ethnic food, is not inherently

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Kurt Janowsky has a history of operating a restaurant on the east side of the St. Joseph River. 

Janowsky, who owns and operates several local restaurants and venues under the Navarre Hospitality name, initially cut his teeth in the restaurant business at Captain Alexander’s Moonraker, later renamed the Wharf, located along the East Bank near Colfax bridge. 

“It was by far the busiest restaurant in the area,” he said. “And I really am looking forward to getting back to the same location and the next generation of great restaurants and great dining in this city — it doesn’t get

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CAMDEN COUNTY, New Jersey (WPVI) — About every two weeks, Chef Ron Tornari visits David Berg in Camden County to cook for him.

“We try to make it as easy as we can for the senior,” said Tornari. “We’re concerned about them.”

Tornari used to be a corporate chef, but three years ago he bought a franchise to bring Chefs for Seniors to South Jersey. He says the goal of his work is “to help seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, to age in place.”

He now serves about 120 clients from Princeton to Cape May, offering food delivery or in-home

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Birds Fly South Ale Project is planning a new European gastropub called PERCH, set to open in Overbrook Village.

Birds Fly South owner Shawn Johnson submitted plans to the City of Greenville’s Board of Zoning Appeal for a special exemption to open a “European restaurant and gastropub” that will focus on fast-casual cuisine, beer and a uniquely European vibe.

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“The goal of opening PERCH is to provide a family focused, community inspired location that will provide European food in a fast casual experience,” Johnson said in the application. “We will bake fresh breads, and produce

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The Hindi expression “ghar ka khana” translates, quite simply, to “home food,” and it carries with it a certain sentimentality. It’s the crackling and pop of jeera hitting the pan. It’s the jarring whistle of the pressure cooker as dal softens on the stove. And the slightly sweet smell of just-done basmati rice has a universal meaning: It’s time to sit down for a meal.

Desi American families hold their recipes close; they’re a tangible reminder of home and the generations it took to perfect them. But a step outside into the food landscape of the white west often reveals

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