A flyer hanging in a restaurant requesting that customers tip has sparked conversation, after a customer shared it, and their subsequent Facebook argument, to Reddit.

In the Subreddit, “Murdered by words,” user Mialunalight shared the flyer, which read: “Servers make state minimum wage. Which is only $5.65 an hour, most of which is taken away in taxes! They rely on your tips to make a living! When you don’t leave a tip, they would have served you for the duration of your meal for nothing! Take care of those who take care of you!”

The customer, however, reasoned that the

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James Corden has been accused of fuelling “anti-Asian racism” by “continuously mocking” the continent’s food on his talk show.

The Late Late Show host has come under fire for his recurring segment Spill Your Guts in which his celebrity guests, who have included Kim Kardashian, Gordon Ramsay and Chrissy Teigen in the past, are given the option of eating “gross” foods or answering a personal question.

According to editors at British newspaper The Independent

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