“There’s no spirit left in a Twinkie,” Linda Black Elk, an ethnobotanist from Catawba First Nation, joked.

We often forget the relationship we have with food but many Natives, myself included, understand the statement “no spirit left.” Call it soul, nutrients or energy, there’s no spirit left in processed foods that restrict any natural interaction with pollinators and animals.

Nor is there spirit in foods genetically modified to look “perfect” instead of focusing on planting a healthier seed diversity.

Black Elk spoke at an Indigenous conference about First Medicines in September at Mystic Lake Casino. The focus was on several

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In a message to the World Food Forum taking place in Rome, Pope Francis reminds participants that in a world impacted by interconnected crises, the centrality of the human person must never be forgotten.

By Linda Bordoni

At the heart of Pope Francis’ message to participants in the 2nd edition of the World Food Forum (WFF) was the call “not simply to feed the other, but to give ourselves in service to others” in a spirit of “fraternity and solidarity that must inspire relations between individuals and between peoples.”

The Forum at the UN Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

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