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It’s no secret Lancaster’s food scene is incredible. Personally, I’ve found several local spots in the city dishing up authentic meals, Asian cuisine included.

Yelp’s top 3 list of the best Asian food spots in Lancaster is one I can get behind:

Silantra Asian Street Kitchen

Currently topping the list is Silantra Asian Street Kitchen, located in the heart of the city.

At Silantra, a casual restaurant, the owners are all about using fresh ingredients from local farms and companies whenever they can. Their concept is simple: Take the best ingredients and classic recipes from

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Asia Food Co.

From a karaoke bar to expansive grocery stores, this Cleveland neighborhood offers something for everyone.

Asiatown might be known for its restaurants offering up authentic Asian cuisine, but there’s so much more to this Cleveland neighborhood. From a karaoke bar, dance studio, expansive grocery stores and tightknit community, it is home to more than 2,000 residents including immigrants and U.S. citizens of Asian descent. “AsiaTown is special because we have such a diverse community and businesses,” says Karis Tzeng, director of AsiaTown

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Despite being located in the place long known as the land of milk and honey, Jerusalem still seems to fly under the international foodie’s radar. But this storied city, perhaps the world’s original travel destination, has quietly been undergoing a food revolution that’s elevating Middle Eastern cuisine. And word is slowly getting out.

Few food cultures can call on their diaspora quite like Jerusalem. A bounty of ingredients fresh from the soil and the sea, much-loved and well-stocked markets, and innovative chefs from a wide variety of backgrounds combine here to create the perfect recipe for hungry visitors ready

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ASHEVILLE – The Good Food Media Network has released its fifth annual list of the Good Food 100, which honors restaurants for not just how good their food tastes, but how good it is for every link of the food chain, from farm to fork.

The network also released its newly launched Good Food Confidence Index results, which benchmark attitudes and outlooks for the restaurant industry.

First, the list. 

This year, it included a whopping 124 restaurant groups representing every region of the United States including Asheville, where Posana and The Market Place were honored.

The list is based on

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Nothing is certain in life except death, taxes and restaurant openings.

Last year, thousands of restaurants in New Jersey closed after being ravaged by COVID-19. Many people in the restaurant industry said it was the worst year they could remember.

And yet, restaurants still opened. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen cafes, ice cream shops, restaurants run by top chefs, swanky rooftop bars, quick counter-service joints and so much more open. 

The North Jersey dining scene is constantly changing, growing and adapting. And for that, our taste buds are very thankful.

Here’s our guide to every new

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Roberto Gonzalez

1231 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando |
Try this: Roti Canai and Kari Meatballs

You won’t be able to resist this stylish stop offering some of the tastiest Southeast Asian street-style fare around. The concept’s namesake, pronounced “Mah-Mahk,” comes from the term for a street vendor or food stall in Southeast Asia. These stalls are owned and operated by chefs putting their own spin on traditional recipes. The Lo Family built Mamak upon this idea and brought their homegrown recipes to the table, many of which came straight from their grandparents. Don’t leave without trying dishes like their

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