“He left here to make a delivery… The next thing we know he’s in an ambulance”

An Asian food deliveryman has been stabbed in the back in Brooklyn.

The 53-year-old victim was making deliveries for Lu Peking House on Fulton street at around 4pm on Sunday.

Also on a bicycle, the attacker rode up behind the victim and said “what happened?”

As the victim slows down to turn towards the man, the suspect pulls out a large knife and stabs the victim in the back before pedalling away.

CCTV video shows the victim falling to the ground after the attack.

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“It’s a very polarizing situation,” League City Police Chief Gary Ratliff said. “Where some folks don’t believe that there should be masks and others do.”

According to the police, James Schulz, 53, entered the restaurant Wednesday night without a face mask. He was requested to wear one to be served or use the drive thru.

The customer “belligerently refused,” Ratliff said, and accused the restaurant staff of not wanting to serve him because he was homeless.

Schulz then walked toward the door, and as the manager turned his back, he allegedly ran behind the manager, tackled him and stabbed him

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