Antigua English Harbour
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As a child I frequented the rickety Sid-Mar’s in Bucktown with my family. Down the Bucktown road from the bustle of West End, the wooden building leaned on its pillars over Lake Pontchartrain. The warped wooden floors tilted to one side, and the wooden screen doors shrieked as they opened onto the screened-in dining porch with unadulterated views of the lake and the ever-present pile of crab traps in the yard. Today neither the road nor Sid-Mar’s exist, the former replaced by a massive and unsightly, but hugely reassuring, pumping facility, the latter washed into the lake by

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I’m always torn when trying to choose a restaurant. Do I go somewhere where I know and like the atmosphere and the food, or do I roll the dice and try a new place?

One restaurant I keep coming back to is Station 9, an Asian fusion restaurant in the First Station.

During the pandemic, when it was closed, the owners redesigned the restaurant, making a modern space even more attractive. The menu, which has both Vietnamese and Thai dishes, has been tweaked, and there are several new dishes.

I visited Station 9 on a Thursday night with two of

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