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When traveling, you can expect to spend a little more money on meals. Not only are you likely eating out at restaurants more, but in vacation mode it doesn’t seem as outlandish to try the fanciest restaurant in town. But one Chicago food tour is making us question how much is too much for an authentic dining experience. A thread on the r/Chicago Reddit page is ablaze today after event company Fever posted about an offering called the Chicago Foodie Lovers Tour. The ticket cost? $532.50.

What Fever’s Chicago Foodie Lovers Tour would actually cost you

You’ve got to

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – When Lizzo comes back home, she brings the house down.

And the streets outside St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center were buzzing before the superstar took the stage Tuesday night.

Lizzo started her career in Minneapolis, and was taking votes on social media about which restaurants to visit before she leaves town.

Her next stop is Kansas City.

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An aereal view taken on July 19, 2022 shows a combine harvester that harvests grain from a field near Selm, western Germany. [Photo/Agencies]

Inflation is rampant, food prices are surging, millions of people are falling into poverty each month, and this year the world will burn enough food to feed more than 1 billion people.

Turning edible crops into biofuels for vehicles has long been controversial, but campaigners are now arguing that, in today’s world, the practice is “immoral”.

The United Nations has warned of a “looming food catastrophe”, driven by COVID-19, climate change, and the conflict in Ukraine, which

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The European Union unveiled sweeping new legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent this decade, aiming to turn green goals into concrete action and set an example for the world’s other big economies to follow.

The proposals by the EU’s executive branch, the European Commission, range from the de facto phasing out of gasoline and diesel cars by 2035 to new national limits on gases from heating buildings.

The aim of the “Fit for 55” legislation, commission officials said, is to wean the continent off fossil fuels and take better care of the environment by policy design –

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A chef on a cross-Canada tour is trying to help pioneer a new culinary frontier, despite restrictions on serving cannabis.

Travis Petersen has partnered with Russell Hendrix Restaurant Equipment and Supplies to teach an introduction to culinary cannabis.

The course, open to culinary professionals, teaches its students about the different parts of the plant, safety practices and methods for creating extractions.

Five students attended the class Thursday night in Victoria, the first stop in the tour of 10 Canadian cities.

“It’s a food for healing,” says attendee Nelles Shackleton.

“I thought it would be brownie cookies and stuff

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Eduardo Nakatani is a Japanese-Mexican chef from Mexico City. His grandfather Yoshigei Nakatani was the Japanese visionary and entrepreneur, who in the 1950s, created what is today one of the most ubiquitous and beloved Mexican snack foods: the Japanese peanut. At the time of Nakatani’s grandfather’s migration to Mexico, there were little to no Japanese products. This scarcity was the mother of invention, driving Yoshigei to create a kind of pseudo-soy sauce: a mix of piloncillo (raw sugar), guajillo chile, salt, and caramel colouring he used to season the peanuts. The sauce went superbly well with his version of sashimi:
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