Harrison Ford, it appears, could take some lessons on stealth from a famous tennis star.

On Tuesday morning, Serena Wiliams stopped into the HomeGrown restaurant in downtown Wichita for breakfast — and nobody noticed. The star posted from the restaurant on her Instagram stories and could be heard debating her morning meal options as she filmed the menu.

“When life gives you unexpected lemons, you make lemonade,” she says. “So I’m thinking about getting the Iron Man so I can stay healthy. Yes, not the sweet potato pancakes.”

Then, Williams appears to have a change of heart.

“Okay, I’m gonna

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BOONE — The North Carolina Association of Educators’ “We Heart Public Schools” statewide tour stopped at Watauga High School on May 12 to uplift public school teachers. 

Adrienne Stumb, president of Watauga County Association of Educators, said culinary students at the high school baked chocolate chip cookies under the supervision of Morgan Lloyd and Amanda Beane to give out at the event. 

They also had donations of raffle prizes from Lowe’s Home Improvement, Neighborhood Yoga, Boone Bike and Boone Nutrition. Packets of seeds were also given out to those who stopped by the tent outside of the teacher entrance at

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