To celebrate 30 years of serving food with a view of La Jolla Cove, Brockton Villa awarded a local couple a gift basket with more than $2,000 worth of prizes.

Carmel Valley residents Kelsey Halvorsen and Michael Sinha walked away with the grand prize after having brunch Sept. 2. The summer-long contest that Brockton Villa sponsored was called “Toast to the Coast: Add Your History to Ours,” in which entrants were asked to submit their favorite memory of the restaurant to help commemorate its anniversary.

The basket contained certificates for two nights at La Jolla’s La Valencia Hotel, breakfast, lunch

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Greater Miami and Miami Beach has always been a feast for the senses, from whimsical Art Deco architecture and sultry ocean breezes to Latin music rhythms – but it’s the culinary scene that steals the show. With epic culinary events and Miami Spice Restaurant Months, to celebrity-packed eateries and hip cocktail culture, Miami has made a splash on the global gastronomy stage. Miami’s dining scene reflects its international flavor, from Cuban, Haitian, Peruvian and Colombian to Indian, Thai, Japanese, Argentine and many more. This melting pot has inspired a fusion revolution for foodies and food writers to

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GREENWOOD, Miss. — In the Deep South, any restaurant that has operated for nearly a century is bound to have a complicated racial history. Lusco’s is one of those.

Since opening in its current location on the day President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, the restaurant has served cotton farmers and soldiers returning home from war. By the time Karen and Andy Pinkston took over in 1976, it had survived the Great Depression and Prohibition.

It had seen the violence of Jim Crow and the civil rights movement — and like restaurants across the South, it had become

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How do you even describe curry? Flavorful, aromatic, rich, creamy and perhaps spicy come to mind. But while those who are familiar with curry have vague ideas of what it is, curry is such a broad category that encompasses such a diverse array of dishes, it’s difficult to explain what is considered curry and what isn’t.

As a second generation Indian American who grew up eating what many would consider “curry,” I never heard the word “curry” at home or in my community — and that’s because the term isn’t Indian at all.

“I think ‘Indian-ish’ is a useful word

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At the height of his success, Ray Charles sat down with Ben Fong-Torres, a journalist with Rolling Stone magazine, in 1973 and got remarkably candid. The singer was comfortable enough to call out white artists like Joe Cocker and Elvis for imitating Black culture and being rewarded for it, as well as to talk about his addiction to heroin and the struggle to kick it. It was a first for Charles.

That interview went on to win the Deems Taylor Award for magazine writing, but it was just one of many by Fong-Torres that reflected his empathy and honesty, allowing

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The regulars know to get here early on Sunday morning.

By 10 o’clock, a half-hour before Eagle’s Restaurant opens its takeout windows, a socially distant line has already started forming, stretching from the front of the little cinderblock building down 16th Street North toward Birmingham’s ACIPCO pipe plant.

“If you don’t get here early, you’re going to be standing out here for a good little while,” says James “J Roc” White, who’s here with about a dozen other early birds. “You stay out here long enough, this line’s going to get longer and longer by the time church gets out.”

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