Brett St Amand, a 59-year-old veteran living in Georgetown, Kentucky, never planned on using food stamps. For as long as he can remember, the self-identified Republican prided himself on his independence, preferring a life in the rural outskirts of town and making his living as a self-employed horse broker.

But in the early months of the pandemic, St Amand and his wife separated, setting off a period of instability. He moved out of their longtime house, put everything he owned into a storage unit and started bouncing from one temporary home to another. During this time, St Amand –

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JASPER, Ind. (WFIE) – Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools have been dealing with food shortages, which continues to make filling school lunches difficult.

Food Services Director Katie Sherman says the troubles first began around late March, when shipments of food started getting delayed or wouldn’t arrive.

“There were days where we weren’t certain that we were going to have food at all to serve,” she said.

On the worst days, they would rely on sales people to take food in their own cars.

“Right now, things are so bad that that’s not even happening,” Sherman said.

Without this food, the school

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There are ample signs that a resurgence has begun. Tables are packed at restaurants and bars across the city. Many places have expanded their capacity with new outdoor seating, thanks to the city’s Open Streets and Open Restaurant programs.

“It feels like every day is a weekend,” said Simone Tong, the chef of Silver Apricot, in the West Village. “The energy is back.”

With commercial retail rents in New York City at record lows, some restaurants are signing new leases. There have been 1,713 new restaurant permit applications from Jan. 1 through July 2, according to figures from

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“Between all our properties, we were looking for 100 employees,” said Paul Rottenberg, co-owner of Centro.If you’ve noticed more help wanted signs in the windows of businesses, you’re not alone.The need for more employees is all too real for Rottenberg, who co-owns five metro restaurants including Centro.”We’re closed some extra days during the week. A few of our places have patios, a couple of them, pretty large patios. We’re not able to staff both inside the restaurant and the patio,” Rottenberg said.Pre-COVID-19, downtown eateries were bustling with hungry workers, especially during lunchtime.Many of those employees are still working from home … Read more

MISSOULA — This time last year, Iron Horse Brew Pub scaled back operations due to the pandemic.

But even as the world bounces back from shutdowns, General Manager Todd Engel told MTN News that the restaurant continues to face hardships.

“We did anything extra we could. We were making pickles and cookies and selling anything that we could on the side just to make sure that we could get through what was going on and it was difficult, but at times it was easier than what we’re dealing with now,” Engel said.

Unemployment in Missoula is trending down. The U.S.

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  • Restaurants are struggling to find staff more than other small businesses, a poll found.
  • 74% of independent restaurant owners say it’s harder to find workers now than before the pandemic.
  • Four in five small businesses told Alignable that their supply costs are higher, too.

The leisure hospitality industry appears to be on its way to recovery after adding 343,000 people payrolls in June, making up 40% of total US job gains – but independent restaurants say they still can’t get enough staff.

Seventy-four percent of independent restaurant owners say it’s harder to find employees than it

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