Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Stackt Market Toronto Asian snacks store Auntie’s Supply leaving

Nearly two years after it first opened its doors at Stackt Market, Auntie’s Supply will be taking its goods to a new location this spring.

The Asian-owned snack and grocery store will have its last day in the shipping container market in the Fort York neighbourhood on March 26, it announced on social media this month.

“When I opened my location at @stacktmarket in June 2021, I thought I was launching a six-month pop-up to test an idea,” the Instagram post reads. “In less than a year, we opened a second location and hired three people, and the rest was

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A sense of ginger fraud: prevalence and deconstruction of the China-European union supply chain

The complexity and transparency of a supply chain or indeed a network is an important characteristic that helps to determine where fraud risks exist. Therefore, it is pivotal to map and deconstruct the Chinese and the EU ginger market and to identify critical nodes along the chain.

The information about the ginger markets in China and the EU was obtained from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database (FAOSTAT) as well as Tridge. The basic scheme of the ginger supply network from China to the EU was generated from 13 articles including five government reports (Supplementary Table 1) related

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Ensuring global food supply and food security

Safeguarding food security and supporting EU farmers

Food security in Ukraine is of great concern, particularly due to the deliberate targeting of food storage locations by invading Russian forces. Additionally, countries that rely heavily on cereal imports from Ukraine and Russia (mainly in North Africa and the Middle East) are at a heightened risk of food insecurity due to supply chain disruptions.

In response to this, the Commission published a Communication on 23 March 2022 which outlined a number of measures being taken to safeguard global food security and support EU farmers and consumers that have been impacted by Russia’s

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