If you’ve been even a little bit curious about plant-based milks—or, if you’re simply a potato lover—then you want to read this. The beloved root vegetable is one of the latest discoveries as a food that can be made into milk… and the health benefits of potato milk might impress you.

The U.K.’s Plant Based News reports that potato milk is an up-and-coming trend in plant-based milks. Not only is the flavor said to be naturally mild (and the texture somewhat creamy from the potato’s natural starch), but the process for making it is said to be much friendlier to

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How do you even describe curry? Flavorful, aromatic, rich, creamy and perhaps spicy come to mind. But while those who are familiar with curry have vague ideas of what it is, curry is such a broad category that encompasses such a diverse array of dishes, it’s difficult to explain what is considered curry and what isn’t.

As a second generation Indian American who grew up eating what many would consider “curry,” I never heard the word “curry” at home or in my community — and that’s because the term isn’t Indian at all.

“I think ‘Indian-ish’ is a useful word

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“I worked at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande in Bethesda the summer before college. I was super-scrawny and could barely carry the trays. If people order fajitas, this is the nightmare scenario. You never want to drop a tray. The metal plate will singe your skin, and those hot beans will scald you.

“I found out I was so bad at carrying the trays that often I’d get, unbeknownst to me, a double busboy accompaniment. A manager told me to practice in our driveway with a family Bible. Incidentally, we did not have a family Bible, so I walked up and

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