If you love something, let it go and if it was meant to be yours, it will always come back to you. I’m obviously talking about your favorite discontinued fast food items. Specifically, I’m talking about Taco Bell’s fan-favorite menu items that are always leaving and then returning on a seemingly random basis. This time, the chain’s Nacho Fries are back—but they really are better than ever because a whole new version of them is hitting stores this month.

You’ll have to be a little bit patient because Nacho Fries will officially hit Taco Bell stores nationwide again on July

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A "help wanted" sign in a restaurant window

A “Help Wanted” sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in a Manhattan restaurant. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

  • A California taco restaurant blamed a staff shortage and slow service on “state handouts.”

  • Some businesses are blaming workers and government handouts for the labor shortage.

  • Others say the solution is simply to pay workers more.

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A taqueria in California posted a sign in its window blaming government handouts for a staff shortage, and asked customers to be patient with slow service.

“Sadly, due to government and state handouts no one wants to work

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An unusual food combination is getting buzz in Springfield.

Many people crave Asian and Mexican food every day, but now a Springfield business owner says you can get all in one bite.

Jay Jung, who has owned several restaurants in Springfield, opened his latest venture — Kungfu Taco — last month on South National Avenue in the Medical Mile Plaza shopping center.

“Since moving to America in the late 90s, I always grew up having to make my own food because my mom would work a lot, so I used to just make things,” Jung said. “One day, I started

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When was the last food tour you attended? If you’re drawing a blank don’t worry, I couldn’t remember either. But this weekend that changed when I embarked on a new food tour highlighting the burgeoning food scene in El Sereno.

In early March, El Sereno Eats Food Tour began teasing the event on Instagram, as COVID-19 cases began to fall and vaccines became available to more people in Los Angeles. On May 12, two hundred tickets priced at $50 a pop went on sale and within hours the event sold out.

Last Sunday, the food tour kicked off

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Cigarettes aren’t on the menu at Taco Bell.

It’s never fun finding something that isn’t food lodged inside your meal. One woman in Florida claims that she was about to dig into some Taco Bell when she made a smokey discovery.

Taura Helsel ordered a chalupa meal from a Taco Bell in Pensacola and says she found a cigarette in her soft taco.

Taura Helsel ordered a chalupa meal from a Taco Bell in Pensacola and says she found a cigarette in her soft taco.

Taura Helsel ordered a chalupa meal from a Taco Bell in Pensacola, which came with a soft taco, WKRG reports. She says that when she got home and unwrapped the taco, however, she found something waiting

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Restaurants continue to adjust their menus and processes to improve the customer experience during the pandemic. For Taco Bell, part of those adjustments include offering more restaurants that focus on the “Cantina” experience, and the first of its kind digital-only cantina has officially opened up in Times Square.

The appeal of restaurants like this one is the efficiency, especially during the ongoing pandemic when many customers want to lessen the time they spend indoors at restaurants. The digital-only set-up of this location allows for easy pick-up and features digital order pickup cubbies so guests can easily grab their food before

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