Kikko’s Ramen and Poke has opened in Beaumont after celebrating its soft opening over the weekend.

The South Pacific-Asian fusion restaurant has been in development at the corner of Dowlen Road and Delaware Street for several months and is still staffing up after its opening.

Kikko’s serves custom poke bowls and a variety of ramen, along with with other Asian dishes such as bento boxes and boba tea.

A sign appeared in January on the former home of the Pei Wei Asian Diner, which closed in early 2020, announcing Kikko’s Ramen and Poke would be coming soon.

Since then, the

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“It’s a very polarizing situation,” League City Police Chief Gary Ratliff said. “Where some folks don’t believe that there should be masks and others do.”

According to the police, James Schulz, 53, entered the restaurant Wednesday night without a face mask. He was requested to wear one to be served or use the drive thru.

The customer “belligerently refused,” Ratliff said, and accused the restaurant staff of not wanting to serve him because he was homeless.

Schulz then walked toward the door, and as the manager turned his back, he allegedly ran behind the manager, tackled him and stabbed him

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A Texas restaurant owner unveiled new surcharges for customers, including “$50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory” and “$75 if I have to hear why you disagree.”

The quippy pink sign in front of Legends Diner in Denton comes after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) lifted the mask mandate earlier this month.

“I just can’t afford to get the virus. We’d have to shut our business down,” owner Wayne LaCombe told The Dallas Morning News.

His wife, Kat LaCombe, is the chef and co-owner of the 1950s-style diner. She is also a retired nurse with 28

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Chowbus Launches In Dallas,TX

chowbus food delivery (2)

The Chowbus app connects Dallas residents with local hidden gems to discover authentic Asian food

DALLAS, March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chowbus, a food-delivery platform connecting food lovers with high-quality, authentic Asian food and empowering local restaurants and stores to grow their business, today announced that its food-delivery services are available in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas residents can now use the Chowbus app to order delivery from 30+ local, independent Asian restaurants in the Dallas region including Hunan Bistro, Fat Ni BBQ, Yin Tang Spicy Hot Pot, Meet Fresh, and Mifen Prince. Delivery is available

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A Mexican restaurant in Houston says it’s been getting some “horrific” threats after announcing it was keeping its mask requirement as Texas reopens.

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order lifting the statewide mask mandate and allowing businesses and facilities to operate at 100% capacity. The rollbacks go into effect March 10.

After Picos announced it would still require masks for diners, co-owner Monica Richards said she started receiving some disturbing messages and calls from people threatening to report the Picos staff to Immigration and Customs and Enforcement, The Houston Chronicle reported.

They also said the staff’s

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As Texans look ahead to the mask mandate ending and businesses reopening fully on Wednesday, one Houston restaurant is dealing with hateful comments because it said it will require customers to keep wearing masks.

A co-owner of Arnaldo Richards’ Picos Restaurant told CNN that while the majority of customers have been supportive, a couple of social media posts have been “hurtful” to him and his family.

One of the posts on social media, which was provided to CNN and has since been deleted, had a person threatening to call immigration to check on the green cards of restaurant staffers. Another

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