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Savory Spoon Cooking School in Door County also plans culinary tours

Kristine M. Kierzek

Chef Janice Thomas, owner of Savory Spoon Cooking School, cuts garnishes for a recipe.

Janice Thomas got her first taste for French food as a young child in Oregon. Those early meals created great memories, but also the foundation for her love of food, cooking and travel. 

For years, she traveled back and forth from Arizona to Door County, where her husband’s family had a home. She trained as a nurse but often talked about having a cooking school of her own someday. When her husband found a spot in Ellison Bay, they launched Savory Spoon Cooking School. 

Thomas has now spent nearly two decades teaching people to cook and leading

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Best Southern food tours

Even those with the sweetest of sweet tooths can only eat so much sugar at once, so everyone is given a thermal bag to collect their goodies, like trick-or-treating for grown-ups.

There’s much to see between tastings. This coastal town is known for its elegant Spanish Renaissance architecture. A guide points out the Lightner Museum and the opulent Flagler College. These regal landmarks were built during the Gilded Age by Florida developer Henry Flagler as luxury hotels (the Alcazar Hotel and the Hotel Ponce de Leon, respectively) in the late 1880s.

In the historic district, the smell of chocolate wafts

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Lost Plate Food Tours – Travel Oregon

Michelle Bergey travels for food. And she always seeks the help of in-the-know locals. “Food tours are the best way to travel,” she says. “Honestly, every time I travel, I do a food tour.” So it’s natural that she co-owns a food tour business called Lost Plate with her brother and sister-in-law. Brian Bergey and Ruixi Hu run the tours in China, where they live, and in Cambodia. Michelle leads the Portland tours.

Many people ask Bergey why visitors need a guide to check out restaurants. She tells them a tour goes beyond the food itself. “You’re also getting information

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Africa cultural tours take visitors beyond the safari: Travel Weekly

Dorine Reinstein

Dorine Reinstein

In a post-Covid world, the draw of Africa’s vast open spaces, natural beauty and spectacular wildlife has been incredible. People who were locked down in their houses for longer than they ever thought possible are now craving the freedom of the natural wilderness.

However, as travelers are looking for longer and more meaningful stays on vacation, it’s important to understand that Africa has more to offer than wildlife. For travel consultants, this can present an interesting upselling opportunity, especially when teaming up with ground handlers who have authentic connections on the ground.

Suzanne Bayly, owner of Classic Portfolio,

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Erie Food Tours a Culinary Tour de Force

Facebook @eriefoodtours

Erie may not often be thought of as a dining destination, but local entrepreneur Kelly Karns has taken a culinary blowtorch to that narrative with her popular Erie Food Tours, now in their sixth season. As summer activity heats up to a spirited flambé, residents can experience some of the best food and drink the area has to offer one of three ways — the Downtown Erie Food Tour, the North East Food Tour, and/or the Happy-Appy Food Tour. 

Regardless, Karns and her team of gourmand guides have been starving for another chance to serve you after 2020

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Five-star hotels offer culinary tours, entertainment to survive pandemic

With the fourth coronavirus wave growing worse in many localities, resulting in lockdowns and travel restrictions, five-star hotels across Vietnam stand near empty. Though room prices have been reduced by up to 60 percent, current occupancy rates remain at less than 10 percent. Without revenues, five-star hotels have been forced to offer luxury services to local tourists to remain afloat.

Culinary tour

The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is offering a culinary tour of the world called “Tour du Monde”, with dishes combining typical flavors from Morocco, the Middle East, America, the Mediterranean, Europe, Cuba and Southeast Asia.

The facade of Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

Sofitel Legend Metropole

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