Dorine Reinstein

Dorine Reinstein

Travel centered around art is poised to replace culinary travel as a leading luxury travel trend worldwide, according to Jack Ezon, founder and managing partner at Embark Beyond. And although Africa has traditionally not been a major destination for serious art lovers, the continent is fast rising up the ranks.

South Africa, Rwanda and Morocco are taking the lead for art tourism to Africa, according to Ezon.

“South Africa’s Zeitz Mocca Museum is the pinnacle of a burgeoning art scene in Africa but particularly in South Africa,” he said. “There are some incredible galleries to visit and local

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CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Tuesday gave investors a list of stocks he believes fit Americans’ spending habits after navigating the Covid pandemic for the last three years.

“The biggest theme is the rise of this ‘life is too short’ mentality. People don’t want to waste their time anymore,” he said.

More specifically, investors should eye travel, restaurant, live entertainment and gym stocks, according to Cramer.

Here are his picks:


Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines

  • “Just be careful and stick to the ones with good execution, meaning stay away from Southwest Airlines – they’re ailing after
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Before food travel was a “thing,” two lesbian New Yorkers seized an opportunity when the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s. Out of work and sitting in their apartment, Lisa Goldman and Melissa Joachim turned to each other and decided to start a company.

Two decades later, the women have taken culinary adventures with guests to 12 countries and more than 35 destinations with Tour de Forks. There are guests of different ages, genders, and sexual orientations. Tour de Forks survived 9/11, the Great Recession, and the pandemic — and now they’re celebrating a 20-year anniversary.

“We’re thrilled,” said

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(CNN) — Comprising more than 40 countries, Asia can’t be summed up easily.

The classics are classics for a reason — from the awe-inspiring architecture of Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal to the buzzy metropolises of Tokyo and Hong Kong and the beaches of Bali and Phuket, it’s impossible for any traveler to find something not to their liking.

But for the

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The Sophisticated Life, a renowned travel blog covering luxury travel, food and wine for the past 10 years, is all set to embark on a new journey with the launch of Culinary Travels. This new venture from distinguished travel blogger and content creator Dr. Nadeen White will offer small, curated, luxury, food, and wine group trips.

ATLANTA, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After captivating readers for the last 10 years through her travel blog The Sophisticated Life, acclaimed Black content creator Dr. Nadeen White is all set to launch Culinary Travels in early 2023. Over the last decade, Dr.

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As culinary tourism increases in popularity, more destinations around the world are offering options that pair food and travel, whether you’re craving an agro-tourism experience in a pastoral setting or a bustling city walking tour. From aspirational Italian adventures to close-to-home gems in Newfoundland, here are some of the world’s best culinary travel experiences to consider for your next foodie vacation.

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Calabria Food and Wine Tour, Calabria, Italy

When it comes to culinary vacations, Italy is one of the top destinations. If you’re seeking

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