A close-up shot of friends clinking orange wine glasses at sunset.

Back in 2014, when the popularity of rosé (and so-called “millennial pink”) was at its peak, bottles with cute pink labels and names like “Rosé All Day” and “Yes Way Rosé” saturated the market. Influencers would post pictures of themselves enjoying picnics on the beach with a glass of rosé in hand, purely for the aesthetic.

Today, people still take pics of wine for the gram, but now more of those glasses are filled with orange rather than pink wine. Although the drink is picking up traction on social media in the same way rosé has in the past, it’s

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By Pol Allingham via SWNS

3D-printed cheesecakes could mark the future of food, according to a new study.

Columbia University researchers predict software, lasers and printers will soon replace ovens, stoves and microwaves.

Cheesecakes were the perfect test – scientists claim printing precise layers for multi-tiered food could allow users to customize items, control their nutritional content, and improve food safety.

Scientists investigated how far tech has come by cooking the cheesecake using seven elements.

Each layer was created on-site by a laser and edible food inks – graham crackers, peanut butter, Nutella, banana purée, strawberry jam, cherry drizzle, and

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10 Mar 2023 — This week in industry news, Azelis partnered with Alvinesa Natural Ingredients to strengthen its Asia Pacific food and nutrition portfolio. A new Evolva and Grace Breeding cooperation is set to replace chemical fertilizers with nature-based alternatives. Meanwhile, oats are trending for consumers in the UK.

In brief: Business moves
Azelis partnered with Alvinesa Natural Ingredients, a European-based provider of plant-based ingredients. With this new alliance, Alvinesa will be able to expand its footprint to the Asia Pacific region, bringing its portfolio to a more global audience. This mandate will expand Azelis’ lateral

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023 06:15 PM | InvestorsObserver Analysts

Is TE-FOOD (TONE) Trending Lower or Higher Wednesday?

TE-FOOD receives a weak short-term technical ranking of 23 from InvestorsObserver data analysis. The proprietary ranking system focuses on the recent trading patters over the past month to determine the strength of its short-term technicals. TONE has a superior recent technical analysis than 23% of tokens based on these trading metrics. Investors primarily focused on shorter term investment strategies will find this technical analysis most relevant to their goals when determining whether to invest in a particular crypto.

Short-Term Technical - 23
InvestorsObserver is giving TE-FOOD a 23 Short-Term Technical Rank. Find out
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Three trending ingredients from around the world

1 Seaweed
Recognized as a sustainable superfood, it’s no surprise that seaweed is rapidly becoming a popular snack and ingredient. Sold in numerous forms — from a replacement for fish in vegan options to crisps —it’s become a must-have flavour in many households. Researchers say that growing seaweed can absorb carbon in the atmosphere, so as countries try to work together to combat climate change, seaweed farming can help these efforts. According to Thomas Thulesen, founder of Wavy Wonders, “It’s a growing market that feeds into mega trends of environmentally conscious eating, coupled with the ongoing health focus.”

2 Hot

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Some travelers consider architecture or souvenirs the highlights of visiting a new place. But for an increasing cohort, food is the biggest attraction.

Culinary tourism is growing in popularity around the world, and interest in guided food tours is expected to increase more than 16% per year over the next decade.

Baton Rouge businesses are getting in on the trend, marketing it to locals and visitors alike.

Red Stick Spice Co. and owner Anne Milneck have long been known for delicious hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations. She loves sharing food, so in 2022, she teamed up with neighboring restaurants

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