Over the years, charcuterie boards have become more and more creative. They’ve gone way beyond the simple cheese and meat spread and into a whole new realm of tasty snacks. In fact, there’s a charcuterie board for just about any occasion—we’re talking football-themed snack boards, Halloween boards, and even a hot chocolate board (for those with a sweet tooth). And the latest board craze has got the internet in a frenzy: butter boards! 🤯

You heard that right! This viral food trend started out like most food trends do these days—on social media. When food influencer Justine Doiron (@justine_snacks) posted

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The food board trend long ago took on a life of its own. We’ve had cheese boards, charcuterie boards, breakfast boards and dessert boards. 

Now, there’s the butter board. 

The latest craze that’s snaking its way through TikTok and Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing, shareable spreads. And it’s the idea is piquing the curiosity of many — the TikTok hashtag #ButterBoard had nearly 84 million views as of Monday. 

At first, the trend seemed questionable to us. With all the foods you can put on a board, what’s so exciting about butter and bread? Where did the craze come

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Last week, Freddie Wong, a content creator, self-titled professional “Dungeons and Daddies” player and co-founder of RocketJump, a production company that focuses on video game content, went viral on TikTok and Twitter for his 3.5 star “authentic” Chinese food rule. On Twitter, it was viewed 7.7 million times.

The 51-second clip shows Wong sitting against a cement wall while he explains his rule. “The easiest way to find authentic Chinese food … is to go on Yelp and look for restaurants with three and a half stars,” he said. “Exactly three and a half — not three, not four. … Read more

If you ever find yourself in a new city with a hankering for Chinese food, a viral TikTok has a trick to help you identify the best ones: the Yelp rating — but not a particularly high one.

On Sept. 13, Freddie Wong (aka @rocketjump on social media) posted a TikTok that has since gone viral on several social media platforms. In the video, Wong, a professional Dungeons and Dragons player, purports to find the most “authentic” Chinese food by utilizing restaurant review website Yelp in a unique way.

“The easiest way to find authentic Chinese food, assuming you’re living

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If burritos are your go-to order at Chipotle, there’s a hack that can apparently save you money.

Wyaleena Ahmed, a TikTok user and self-described “tech girl” from Boston, shared a video on how she manages to get a burrito order for $3 on the Chipotle App.

On average, Chipotle burritos start at $6.50, according to fastfoodmenuprices.com – a website that collects prices on fast food items nationwide.


Ahmed started her order off by selecting the fast-casual restaurant’s Build Your Tacos

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A Nigerian man visited an Indian restaurant in the US and tasted Lamb Vindaloo for the first time. The video has gone viral on social media.

Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time at US eatery. (Photos: Ling & Lamb)

Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time at US eatery. (Photos: Ling & Lamb)

A Nigerian man tasted Indian food for the first time at a restaurant in the US state of Connecticut and was so impressed that he offered to pay double the price for the dish. Taccara Rae and Lamboginny, an influencer couple, shared a video of their experience of relishing Indian dishes on their Instagram account called Ling &

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