The Week’s Top Food News

The first week of 2024 was bursting with post-holiday food news. Reese’s Pumpkins are the focus of a new lawsuit about misleading candy packaging, and pineapple pizza is currently the source of much debate in Italy (just like it is everywhere else). Read on for more of the week’s top food news.

9 New Foods to Get Excited About in January

Snoopy Hershey Kisses

Image: The Hershey Company

We’ve officially entered 2024, and there are plenty of exciting new drinks, snacks, and grocery items to ring in the new year. You might think the season of candy is over now that the holiday festivities have passed, but don’t worry—these brands have your sweet tooth covered, at least into February. – Angela L. Pagán Read More

MTN DEW Baja Blast Will Be on Shelves All Year Long in 2024

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Photo: Billy F Blume Jr (Shutterstock)

MTN DEW drinkers are a passionate bunch, and there’s inarguably a cult following around one particular flavor: Baja Blast. Though it’s available at Taco Bell year-round, it’s typically only available at grocery stores and convenience stores in the summertime—so during the cooler months, you’re fully dependent on the Bell’s drive-thru. But starting this month, Baja Blast will hit store shelves again in both bottles and cans, and it’ll be available all throughout 2024. – Dennis Lee Read More

These Are the Best Restaurants to Work For

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Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor (Getty Images)

When the restaurant industry failed to attract employees at the same pre-COVID levels, some brands turned to technology as a partial solution. However, other brands recognized the moment as one that emphasized the need for a dedicated workforce and developed ways to grow their teams. – Angela L. Pagán Read More

Reese’s Slapped With Lawsuit Over Faceless Chocolates

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Photo: Wendy van Overstreet (Shutterstock)

A lawsuit filed December 28, 2023 in Florida alleges that The Hershey Company has misled consumers by advertising its Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins as having festively carved faces on the packaging when the candy does not actually feature such a design. – Angela L. Pagán Read More

This Is Disney’s Worst Drink, and Everyone Is Obsessed

Beverly soft drink at Club Cool in Disney World EPCOT

Photo: Julie Tremaine

Anyone who has already visited the Club Cool soda shop in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT park strolls in confidently, often with a little smirk on their faces, because they know what’s coming. Their unwitting companions follow along, expressions blank. They don’t know what they’re about to experience: The Beverly, Disney World’s most hated drink. – Julie Tremaine Read More

You Just Inherited Your Grandma’s China—Now What?

vintage china tea set on shelf

Photo: Fabio Michele Capelli (Shutterstock)

If, over the holidays, you got a big surprise gift of heirloom china from your family, or you killed time by thrifting and found a great antique silverware set, you might now realize you have absolutely no idea how to take care of those treasures, and you’re tempted to leave your newly acquired items in the box or stick them in a cupboard. Fear not—lots of help is available. – Micheline Maynard Read More

Sweethearts Candy Turns Its Biggest Flaw Into a Selling Point

Sweethearts new Situationships candy for Valentine's Day 2024

While heart-shaped everything can be expected on grocery store shelves each Valentine’s Day, the stalwart candy conversation heart remains arguably the most beloved institution every February 14. Sweethearts, the classic brand produced by Spangler Candy Company, will debut its new “Situationships” box this year, full of “blurry, misprinted candies that are as hard to read as Gen-Z relationships.” – Marnie Shure Read More

The Real Way to Cook for a House of Picky Eaters

Oatmeal with peanut butter

Photo: TheWonderWays (Shutterstock)

My household consists of me, a single parent, and my two kids, both of whom are beyond picky eaters. I myself have been known to have a sensory-based aversion or two. There is a lot of discourse on picky eating and how to “solve” it, but for parents of kids like mine, much of the psychology simply doesn’t work, leading to dinnertime tantrums and hangry children. I’m a decade into this whole parenting gig, and this is how I cook for my family. – Laura Wheatman Hill Read More

Pineapple Pizza Sparks Debate in Italy

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Photo: Patryk Kosmider (Shutterstock)

In the United States, we are happy to top our pizzas with everything from buffalo chicken to pickles, while in pizza’s birthplace, those who uphold the tradition might deem our creative interpretations unworthy of the name. When it comes to the most divisive topping of all, pineapple, CNN reports that one seasoned pizza professional is attempting to change preconceived notions in Italy. – Angela L. Pagán Read More

Joey Chestnut to Compete in First Bagel-Eating Contest

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Photo: John Normile / Contributor (Getty Images)

Months after suffering a devastating loss in Buffalo’s chicken wing contest, Joey Chestnut is gearing up for another eating competition, and this time the carbo-load is real. QSR Magazine reports the Siegel’s Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship is set for January 13, and the world’s number-one competitive eater will be taking the stage alongside last year’s victor. – Angela L. Pagán Read More


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