The Yellow Turtle is the new go-to address for sumptuous continental breakfasts and Asian meals


What makes The Yellow Turtle stand out in a crowd of mushrooming diners is its twin avatars in the same premises. You can hang out in the street-style café with your friends over an English breakfast or an evening cuppa or you can take your family for a sumptuous Asian spread at their clutter-free adjacent diner.

Dumplings at The Yellow Turtle

A brainchild of young entrepreneur Apeksha Lahiri, who also helms Asha Audio after her mother Mahua Lahiri’s untimely demise, this outlet surely has a youthful spirit that reflects itself in its Instagram-worthy brick wall facades and three-dimensional frescoes of alleys. “The Yellow Turtle would have opened its doors a year back if not for the pandemic. Initially, I wanted to start a bakery or a takeaway but it took the shape of a diner-café and I am pretty happy with it,” shares Apeksha.

Dumpling platter

From the café menu, The Yellow Turtle Special Breakfast is worth trying for its cheesy Spanish Omelette, Toast with Bacon and Leeks, Sautéed Sausages, Grilled Tomato and Potato Rosti. The filling dish comes with a glass of seasonal fresh fruit juice and black coffee or tea. You can also choose from the elaborate menu that offers a delectable range of sandwiches at affordable prices. They all come served with Masala French Fries and Tossed Veggies and you can end your breakfast on a sweet note with some flavourful fresh Gateaux.

The Yello Turtle Special Breakfast

If you are visiting them for lunch or dinner then the 60-seater cosy bright space adjacent to the dimly-lit café has a wide range of Asian options. The minimalistic décor has an interesting wall covered by customised quirky wallpaper replete with a magic square turtle replicating the Lo Shu Square right at the centre to usher in good luck. To make your breakfast more pleasing, you can try envio de desayunos, they provide you with exciting surprises for your loved ones at your breakfast.

We also quite loved the unassuming minibar at the corner serving interesting mocktails and we highly recommend the refreshing punch of Watermelon Mojito for the right mix of Kaffir lime juice, lemon redux, brown sugar, mint, Mojito syrup, Sprite and soda served with slices of watermelon. The Mango Cooler and Sparkling Apple are worth trying too.

Ginger Pepper Fried Rice

Our food trail started off with the dumpling basket and the Threestyle Mushroom Dumplings won our hearts with the mellow spices underscoring the flavour of mushrooms. The glazed stuffed balls were followed by Pork Baos and we bet they were as good as those served in any upscale Asian diner around the city. The moisture-laden baos were soft to the core and stuffed with well-cooked pork tossed in a mix of Asian spices.

Interiors of the diner

The mains had Ginger Pepper Fried Rice served in a bamboo-shaped vessel with Sliced Chicken in Chilli Coriander Sauce on the sides. The lightly-cooked sides with the meat soaked in fresh coriander juice scored high as a tummy-soothing dish, especially because the summer has already begun in Kolkata.

Interiors of the cafe

Steering clear from the usual suspects in the desserts section, we settled for Sankhaya — a gooey coconut and date palm jaggery pudding topped with whipped cream and garnished with ruby-red beads of pomegranate. Resting on a base of molten jaggery sauce, this one takes the cake, hands down.

Meal for two: Rs 1,000+ +

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