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This tiny alley in Japan is a must-visit for food lovers

This tiny alley in Japan is a must-visit for food lovers

For food lovers, Japan is one of the most-visited destinations. And within Japan, if one gets to try a variety of dishes within a small area then it is Omoide Yokocho in Tokyo. It is located within a five-minute walking distance from Shinjuku station, considered to be the busiest rail station in the world.

The Omoide Yokocho is a narrow alley that comprises around 70 small food joints and bars that are all packed close together. The tiny alley, popular among locals and tourists alike, offers affordable options of Japanese comfort food like yakitori (skewered chicken) and nikomi (beef tendon stew) that is served with sake or beer. However, many outlets offer rare delicacies like dishes made of salamanders and fried frogs.

A video of Omoide Yokocho was shared online by the popular Twitter account Fascinating (@fasc1nate) on December 14. The video gives one a fast-paced linear view of the popular food lane.

Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote: “These function as a meeting place after leaving work, in Japan there are millions of people in total solitude, going, is like entering the family kitchen. They do not become friends, they are just facing that they meet again, but they have a mutual loyalty between diner and cook.”

Another person said, “That’s awesome. I bet there’s some good grub to be found there. Hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best.”

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One should visit Omoide Yokocho in the evening or at night when it’s buzzing with regulars and the tiny outlets are illuminated in full glory.


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