Why You Need To Visit These 12 AsiaTown Spots

From a karaoke bar to expansive grocery stores, this Cleveland neighborhood offers something for everyone. Asiatown might be known for its restaurants offering up authentic Asian cuisine, but there’s so much more to this Cleveland […]

Asia Food Co.

From a karaoke bar to expansive grocery stores, this Cleveland neighborhood offers something for everyone.

Asiatown might be known for its restaurants offering up authentic Asian cuisine, but there’s so much more to this Cleveland neighborhood. From a karaoke bar, dance studio, expansive grocery stores and tightknit community, it is home to more than 2,000 residents including immigrants and U.S. citizens of Asian descent. “AsiaTown is special because we have such a diverse community and businesses,” says Karis Tzeng, director of AsiaTown Initiatives at Midtown Cleveland. “It’s a cultural beacon for Asians and AAPIs all around the region, and shoppers come from two or three hours away for dim sum or shopping at the Asian markets.” 

Asia Food Co.: This hidden gem offers a plethora of products. Customers are spoiled by choice when it comes to seafood, sauces, instant noodles and more at this grocery store. Make sure to check out the fresh seafood and ducks that are sold whole. 3820 Superior Ave., 216-621-1681 

Ball Ball Waffle: Sink your teeth into the savory Hong Kong trend known as bubble waffle. Try flavors such as Oreo chocolate, matcha mochi and cheese with bacon. These waffles present a juxtaposition of chewy and crisp textures with an undisputed sweet aftertaste. 2999 Payne Ave., Suite 126, 216-282-3834, facebook.com/ballballwaffle 

Galaxy Karaoke

3 Galaxy KTV: This karaoke bar lets you belt those high notes onstage or lounge in private karaoke rooms with state-of-the-art sound systems where you can sing your heart out to BTS, Cardi B or Ariana Grande, to name a few. 1593 E. 30th St., 216-203-2222, galaxyktv88.com

Koko Bakery

Koko Bakery: Fall for the aroma of pastries, fruit cakes and aromatic buns, among an abundant selection of delicacies such as red bean buns, pork buns, seasonal mooncakes and creamy bubble tea in this haven of baked goods. 3710 Payne Ave., 216-881-7600, kokobakerycleveland.com 

Li Wah

Li Wah: This restaurant offers an assortment of Cantonese dishes known as dim sum, which are bite-sized servings accompanied by tea. We suggest scrumptious pork dumplings, deep-fried taro and wonton soup. 2999 Payne Ave., No. 102, 216-696-6556, liwahrestaurant.com 


Miega: Craving the smoky sweet sauce of bulgogi? Looking for a good kimchi broth to spice up your plans in the fall? Reenact a scene from the all-time favorite Korean drama Sweet Munchies by dining in this Korean barbeque restaurant. 3820 Superior Ave., 216-432-9200, miegakorean.com 

Park To Shop

Park to Shop: This go-to international market and food court is a trove for foodies who seek adventure in the department of sauces, instant noodles, snacks with rarities such as Japanese matcha KitKat, Malaysian curry, Indonesian noodles and Taiwanese desserts. 1580 E. 30th St., 216-781-3388, ptsmall.world 

Siam Cafe: Bask in aromatic spices that are synonymous with Thailand. Season your palate with pad thai noodles or tom yum, a shrimp-based soup with a hint of lemongrass, then extinguish the flames with a soothing glass of Thai iced tea. 3951 St. Clair Ave. NE, 216-361- 2323, siamcafeoh.com 

Sisters Gift Shop: On display is an array of trinkets for art collectors and ceremonial ornaments for religious folk, including novelty paintings, jade bangles, Buddha statues and cheongsam, which are traditionally slim dresses with slits typically worn during Lunar New Year. 2999 Payne Ave., 216-404-5185 

Superior Pho

Superior Pho: The place is named after the classic rice-noodle broth for good reason as the restaurant specializes in at least 14 versions of pho. Soak in the splendor of spices, banh mi sandwiches and our favorite: Vietnamese coffee, with its reputable dark roast complemented by a thick, sweet aroma. 3030 Superior Ave. E., 216-781-7462, superiorpho.com 

Sushi 86

Sushi 86: Come here for savory Japanese rolls, tangy miso soup and vegan mochi as the cherry on top. The 86 roll features fresh fish, avocado, cucumber and fish roe to delight the taste buds of seafood lovers. 530 Euclid Ave., Suite 32, sushi86.com

Viva Dance Studio

Viva Dance Studio: Flaunt your dance skills in salsa, tango, West Coast swing, Latin body movements and more. 1541 E. 38th St., 216-361-1338, vivadancestudio.com 


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